There is a pretty booming sleaze scene going in Sweden. Not that I know anything of it. I found STALLION FOUR to be different enough for me to take an interest in them and even bother interviewing them. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

What is the competition like for Swedish hardrock bands? Is there a scene to speak of?
-Well, sure there is a scene with lots of great bands, but we don’t let anything pressure us, we just keep on doing our thing, and hope that
somebody likes it.

Can you benefit from being Swedish or is it more of a burden having to live up to an already high standard?
-I don´t know if it is a benefit being Swedish, we just let the music do the talking.

Looking at your influences it seems like it is very much 80s over it. What was so great about that decade’s music?
-It was great party music that had everything. The whole vibe was killer.

How would you like to describe your sound? What has been the single most important factor in shaping your sound?
-100% horsepower rock n roll is one way to put it he he he……..I think when our individual influences of music comes together
when we write songs is what makes us sound Stallion Four.

Does it matter these days what label you sign with? What is it that you expect to get out of being signed to a label?
-Yeah, it is important to have a label that stands behind your back and promotes your band. and as for our label Pure Rock Records,
they have great distribution, and they really belive in the bands they promote.

Your music seems like the perfect live music. What chances are there to play live if you are not a big band?
Thanx!! Nice to hear that. You just gotta take every chance you get to play live and work hard to get the giggs.

Do you have any areas that you intend to focus more on to break or do you wish that everywhere is Stallion Four territory?
-It wold be awsome to play some live shows outside Sweden, hopefully in the near future.

How important is the graphic side of the band? Is it important to look the part too and not just let the music do the talking?
-We are just being ourselves and have no rules of how to look or act or so, it´s not like we have a dress code or something like that, he He He…..put on the spandex now will ya!

Are there any bands that you feel closer to? Where does Stallion Four fit in?
-Somewhere between Motörhead, Rose tattoo and G n `R.

What future is there for the band?
-Right now we are focusing on writing songs for the next album and we are also gonna record our second video from the album. Hopefully we get to play some festival shows in the summer 2013
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