Swiss metal has more holes in it than Swiss cheese but there are bands fighting against it trying to make it heard. STEELD being one of these bands.The one answering the interview is Andy (Vocalist). Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Why is steel such a good word to use in a band name? What’s the meaning of your band name?
Well, actually Steeld has nothing to do with steel. Also, it was never intended to have anything to do with it. Our bands name was made up some more than ten years ago, when we sat in the rehearsal room and tried to figure out a cool sounding English name. The only “problem” we had was that our English was really bad back then. So we came up with this word “steeld” and thought: “Ok, cool…that sounds great”. Later on we discovered that it doesn’t exist but decided to hold on to it.

Could you please introduce the band to those of us not too familiar with you guys?
-We are a Nu Metal Band from a beautiful mountain resort in Switzerland named St. Moritz. All of us know each other since forever, because the town is quite small and everybody knows everyone. We started to make our first music experiences about 12 years ago. While covering songs from various bands, we thought were inspiring back then, we grew tighter, and at some point about 4 years ago we decided to get more serious with this project and recorded our debut album “Welcome to Reality” at the beginning of 2012.

What are your intentions with STEELD? What would you like to see happen to the band?
-We simply want to get ourselves heard out there and play as much concerts, meet as many great people as possible and have a great time while chasing our dreams. This is also what i’d like to see happen to the band. We are a bunch of very different, but all great personalities. Over the years, one could say that we became pretty decent musicians too.

I’ve never released any music that I’ve created. What kind of feelings are there when you let go of your creations?
-It’s a great feeling. On the one hand there is sort of respect and maybe a little fear involved because you don’t know how the people out there will react to your tunes. On the other hand you can’t wait to show them the results of a lot of sweat and work that occurred in the songwriting process.

When you release an album or any record for that matter what is it that you want to happen?
-As already said we’d like our records to be heard by as many people as possible. Another thing that would be great is to be able to make a living from the cd sales and live revenues.

How pleased are you with your latest recorded works?
-We are actually very surprised how much feedback we’ve got until now. Especially from people who live in countries that are far away like russia or brazil. We get a lot of positive comments. The sales are unfortunately not as good as we’d like them to be. Thats mainly because people don’t buy CDs anymore i guess..

Do you feel that you are a part of a scene or do you feel that you exist in a sort of vacuum?
-The main problem about being part of a scene in Switzerland is that there is no scene. At least not for Nu Metal. We try to get involved with other bands and musicians from Austria, Germany and Italy, where they have some kind of Nu Metal scene. This has become way more easy thanks to social media and the internet.

How important is the fact that you have some local bands to look up to when you start out?
-It is crucial. First of all we are very interested in meeting and listening to other bands and secondly the crowd gets more value for their money.

Where do you feel that you fit in on the international metal scale?
-Well, if you can tell me what the international metal scale is, and how it is measured i will be very happy to give you an answer to that question. Until then we’d like to leave such ratings to the media and the metal fans out there. We feel that we are not in the position to rate ourselves.

What would you like to see the future bring with it?
-We’d love to see a lot of happy faces at live concerts. That’s why the focus on playing live is the main thing for us right now. We are planning the festival season this summer at the moment and will hopefully be able to play as many gigs as possible.

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