STELLAR MASTER ELITE’s black metal made me groove like crazy in a way that I had not anticipated. Interview answered by Dave. Anders Edkahl 2011

What is it about Thorns “Stellar Master Elite” that is so great that you chose to name your band after it?
-For me, Thorns always was one of the biggest musical influences and I think Marco feels the same way here. Their full- Length album is an unreached masterpiece and even ten years after its release an incredibly good and visionary album which is still light years ahead of the most part of nowadays music.

In naming your band after another bands song doesn´t that pretty much give the potential fan a preconceived idea of what kind of music you play?
-I must admit that it creates some kind of preoccupation which we didn´t think about before. We didn´t want to be a Thorns Tribute Band to clarify that. Like I said before, Snorre Ruch´s music is a big influence for us which is listenable in our music I think. But we aren´t a copy, we are an independent band that doesn´t want to be limited.

What has the name come to mean to you after you´ve taken it as your band name?
-One of the main reasons why we chose this band name, besides the homage to a big influence, the lyrical themes which we use in our songs such as the atmosphere that we want to create. Our band name has nothing to do with master races in the sense of the German 3rd Reich bullshit like that. In fact it is about paranormal phenomenon, conspiracies against humanity and multidimensional beings beyond the visible light.

What struck me immediately was how groove based and rhythmic your black metal is. Where does that groove/rhythm come from?
-That wasn´t a planned evolution, it just added up. We never decided to play groove orientated music, it just happened. It has a lot to do with Marco´s own style in playing drums.

Being so groove/rhythmic based has that brought along any limitations in being black metal? What is black metal to you?
-Like I said before, we don´t want to be limited. We are not afraid to use non-black metal elements in our music. For me, black metal always was a kind of art which isn´t afraid to cross borders and has no fear of society’s dogmas. But sadly there isn´t any other musical genre that has so much crap to offer…

Your album is self-released. What advantages/disadvantages has that brought with it?
The advantage is that you have 100% control over your production but you have all the costs and the financial risk. We would be very happy when we would could give works like promo, distro and things like that to a label/ management to focus more on our music and having a network behind us that allows us to reach a bigger crowd. So…get in contact labels!

When you act on a small budget, how do you go about making the most of it to the degree of satisfaction?
-We worked as long on everything until we were satisfied with the result. But we were lucky that we could record everything in my own studio and that Marco is a good graphic designer that offered a lot in this sector. But we owe a lot to Sebastian and Ben of Sonic Reign. Sebastian did the mixing and the mastering for us in his professional studio „Sonic Room“ and Ben, who runs his own business „Irrleuchten Design“ gave the CD artwork the last touch. Of course it wasn´t for free but you have to think which great quality we got for this price it was a real friendly turn. We are really happy about that and we didn´t have to make any compromise during the production!

What is it that you want to achieve with the release of this album? Any grand plan of world
-Haha, indeed. We quest world domination. No, but to be serious we are really proud to make music like that and we will continue like that. Let´s see where it brings us, we are a young band. We just finished our debut and we are already working on the 2nd album. Let´s see what the future brings.

How important is playing live today for a black metal band like yours? Will a local show do for promotion of the band or do you have to play with larger bands to get noticed?
-Its kinda important if you want to reach a bigger crowd. There´s no better way of promotion to play that shit live. But we live in a kinda small city were this kind of music has almost no listeners. A gig on a fitting festival or a small tour with a bigger band would be a lot better here.

Looking into the crystal ball what do you see for Stellar Master Elite?
-I see album 2 and 3…

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