Sweden’s STONELAKE were an unknown entity to me until I received their album. And as I liked what I heard I had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Could you please tell us why we should be interested in STONELAKE?
-Because we are a great band with strong catchy songs and we always give 100 % in our shows!!

Is it hard today to get people interested in your music if you don’t have a gimmick like Lordi?
-No , but naturally it is a very hard work for every band these days because of the strong competition!

Something I often wonder about is how you find a sound that is all your own? When do you know that you have a sound all your own?
-We don’t think of it that way when we create! We just do what feels right for us to do and then we just go for it!

When you release an album what is it that you expect to happen? Do you set up grand goals for what you like to achieve?
-At first it is the fun of making a new great album , the second is of course to reach a massive audience with many shows to follow!

How important is it that the album looks the part and not just sounds the part?
-We think it’s important to have a concept you belive in and work with that all the way!

Is it important that the words that come out in lyrics actually say something?
-Of course it’s a balance between reality and fantasy, but we always want some kind of message in our lyrics or to have something for everyone to relate to!

Where do you find the right kind of people to work with? Do you trust outside recommendations or do you handle it yourself?
-Mostly we take care of the business ourselves, but we also have partners we work with in different stages. It’s important to work with qualified people and also to listen to a good advice when you get it.

How hard is it to let other people into what is basically your baby? How tough is it to have to cooperate with other people? Are you of the impression that outside sources contaminate the original idea?
-It’s not hard to work with people at all if we just respect each other and if everyone understand the importance of focusing on the right thing.

Are you good at taking criticism and constructive ideas?
-Yes, we have no problem with that. It’s only refreshing!

What would the ideal future look like?
-For StoneLake it is just to continue to exist as a band with massive touring as a bonus and of course having a great time!! Thank you so much for a great interview from SL Camp!!!

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