With so many cool bands out there to check out I offer you some minor guidance by introducing you to STONUS. Anders Ekdahl ©2019

When you look back and see how far you have come what do you think of this crazy journey so far and where the heck will it take us?
-Well, it all started from some teens drinking in a bar really, now we are signed in Electric Valley Records, and together we recently released our debut album “Aphasia”. In this fast 5 years, we managed to record two EP’s and an album and we played amongst some damn good bands that we were influenced by them since we were kids. The feeling is weird but we are excited and we love what we do, it’s our motivation in life and we live and breathe for this band so hopefully the road will be long and successful! From our side, we will give all we got!

I often wonder how people discover that they can do what they do. How did you discover that you can sing and play instruments?
-I mean its pretty obvious from the start, if you see a kit beating up saucepans and creating some kind of tune out of it he is destined for this stuff. Its the attraction to music that leads us in what we do, the addiction of expressing yourself in jams or in lives or even in your own room, letting everything out. So you know you want to play music, it’s simple as that.

When did it become a revelation that you can do this and maybe get paid for having fun, instead of just putting out all the money?
-Obviously starting a project through jams and being young kids at the time, you have a dream at the back of your head of becoming big. And in the beginning its quite hard to be honest as you have to fund everything by yourself, organize all the gigs and the opportunities especially in a small rock community of Cyprus can be pretty difficult. But once you start off with jams and you are like “it sounds pretty good to me” you want other people to have a taste and you try gigs. During the show, it’s actually where you start to understand that some people really love what you do so they support you to continue doing it. But yeah once you start making profit everything changes in terms of access to more shows, more material, better promotion and distribution and there from a hobby it actually turns into a daily job as you have to do more things than just create new music, which is equally important.

When you spend an amount of your life on a band does it ever feel like you have wasted time, that you have fought one too many windmills?
-No that would never be the case I believe! Its all fun to us and at the same time its a need to express our opinions and feelings, so I would never say its wasted time. its more like a session therapy with friends, a time of meditation and exchange of energy. Its intense and pretty crucial for our functioning as humans whatever that expression medium is.
The more battles you give the more losses you will have but at the same time you gain experience and that’s what is important for us and at the end of the day what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

No matter how small or big you were as a band you will leave a legacy behind you. How do you want people to treat this legacy?
-Its important for all artists to treat and be treated with respect as they represent much more than their image which often affects the society in severe ways. So we want to be remembered as some cool everyday people that happen to jam insanely good (haha). Besides jokes we want to play a catalytic role in the music trends in our time, why not, pop has being too long in top charts so lets make people party and dance to some rock n’ roll again!

Is digital taking away the mystery of waiting for a new album now that you can upload as soon as you have written a song?
-I woulld actually say the opposite if you use it correctly! Ofcourse you may have access to some hints like artworks or a teasers but that will only irritate the listenner even more raising the hype for the new release.

How important is image in separating you from all the million different styles of metal there is out there?
-We dont want to be categorised in a specific genre but what we would like to descripe our music as is a spiritualy, heavy and energetic rock n’ roll! We do love stoner, psych and doom rock and that ofcourse will show in our work but we love to experiment and keeping an open ear and mind is really important for our work. I believe we are able to hit that 90s vein out of the listenner and combine it with some present touches and a whole lot of sun! Our ability to combine extremeties that are part of our everyday lives in our music, resulting in a rather “bipolar”-psych rock I think is what will distinguish us from the scene as an originall band rather than just an addition to the genre.

Do you deal in different topics lyrically or do you keep to one, just using different variations?
-When writing lyrics, our aim is to express what we feel at the time. For me for example when I write lyrics, depending on my mood and on my enviroment I will be naturally influenced so I guess everysong refers to a different topic. But we do keep some trends the same as we want to constantly pass some messages to the listenner, as we want them to return for the same reason they had in the beggining.

Do you consider yourself a live artist or do you like to spend most of the time secluded in a studio?
-I like both to be honest. Its a different feel, one is meditative and self-isolating, more like focusing on your mind and seing how you can put that into music and the other is much more energetic and physically intense. Both are important since one lets you express your hard feeling and the other your soft feeling. And playing live recharges your energy, it really does its like being pluged in the mains

How much of a touring band are you guys? What memories do you take with you?
-We have been playng shows for 5 years now, including Cyprus, UK, Romania, Greece and many more soon, supporting our latest release “Aphasia”. All I can say its that is always fan at the end of the day, its all fucking awesome memories which I can’t wait to tell to my children in the far future. From accidentally going to hookers instead of rehearsal (yes shit happens) to getting smashed in Bucarest, or chilling with Planet of Zeus! Whatever the case we love it and we try to enjoy it to the max.

What does the future hold?
-Tours, more releases, more tours! It’s just the beggining and sky is the limit here!

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