STORY OF JADE are not as scary an entity as the y might at first appear. If you like your metal tinged with horror or if you just like good metal then this is for you. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I get the impression that there is a greater concept tot Story Of Jade than just being a metal band. Can you please enlighten us to what that concept is??
-Try to look at Story Of Jade as a Horror movie saga… we’ve got Jade, who’s a sexy and crazy narrator and character of her own creepy, black humor stories. The main characters of her stories are the “Demons of Fear”. Fear is a constant presence in our concept just like it’s a constant presence in life. Four ages of life and four demons of Fear: “The Fear in Childhood”, “The Fear in Adolescence”, “The Fear in Adulthood” and “The Fear in Old-age”. “The Damned Next Door (know your neighbors!)” album is like the first movie of the saga, is an introduction to the stories of Jade. The title is a metaphor: Fear’s always there, like a neighbor, and it is way better to know the ones who lives next to you than ignore them… you never know!

Italian horror movies have for a long time been considered some of the greatest. What is it about Italians and horror that goes so well together?
-I really don’t know!!!! Yet, Italy has got a lot of big name in Horror… from Fulci to Argento in movies and from Death SS to Daemonia in Metal, and that is one of the very few things that make us proud to be italians.

What is it about horror and metal that mix so well?
-It is about atmosphere, i guess…. you can’t create a sulphureous, dark, evil atmosphere playin’ pop music ahahaha and then, Metal is the Devil’s music, isn’t it? We’ve always been into Metal and Horror, it’s been natural for us to mix these things up.

Horror movies are the most spat upon film genre and still the most popular. What is it about horror that intrigues so many?
-Someone got scared, someone just have fun with it, it is a very subjective thing.

What has been the most successful melding of hardrock/metal and horror so far in history?
-There are a lot of examples, King Diamond, Alice Cooper, Daemonia, Death SS… but if I should choose just one band… I’d say Snowy Shaw’s “Notre Dame”.

When you are in a studio, a very sterile environment how do you best prepare to get in the right mind to record what will essentially be your masterpiece??
-Redbull, herbs, beers and some rehearsals.

Does the cost of making a video make up for the exposure it generates?
-For a band like us, it was inevitable to make a video clip. It gives a better idea of the concept behind the band and… it was fuckin’ awesome shootin’ it!

How do you bring the whole concept of Story Of Jade to the stage? What kind of set up would be the ultimate to make it all come together perfectly?
-We use to perform our shows with the help of an actress/performer who interpret Jade on stage, to bring more theatrical elements… the “ultimate setup” would be work with an entire theater company!

Are there places to play today that can do justice to the concept of Story Of Jade?
-There are a lot of good venues and club out there, but what “do justice to the concept of S.O.J” is the people who get it!

How far ahead are you in the concept at this point in time? Have you mapped up a full album series already?
-The saga has just begun… hope we’ll be die hard like the motherfuckin’ Freddy Krueger!

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