Every so often a band comes along that just simply blow you away. For me most recently it was STORYUM. If you like you metal a bit different but not strange then this is for you. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I’ve tried looking for info on you but I found very little. What can you tell us about the band? Is the band Hungarian or Slovakian?
Gila: Our nationality is Hungarian, but we live in Slovak Republic. That’s why we have our texts in English. We don’t want to disappoint anyone and on the other hand we are all Europeans. People in smaller countries used to limit themselves with the chosen language of the texts, but we decided to overcome these boundaries. Music is all about the mediation of our complex feelings and that’s not easy to do so we have chosen a more common language for them.

The sound of Storyum is not your typical goth/dark heavy metal sound. What would you like to describe your music as? Where do you see yourself fit in on the international hardrock/metal scene?
Gila: That’s the type of question we never could answer exactly. I think it’s ok. We like to experiment and if it doesn’t fit in the rock-metal scene properly, that’s just inspiring us. We just do our best and the rest is on the audience.

From what I understand you re-recorded an entire album. What prompted this move?
Gila: Yes. This material was recorded a few times with more than 4 female singers. We felt the need of these changes because we were looking for that variation of a song which could embody our idea the best.

How hard is it to keep a steady line-up going? What is the hardest part, apart from finding new members, when changes happen?
Gila: As I told in the upper lines our band changes a lot. Only the musicians are steady and our two male vocalists in the band. But when the changes happen we write the notes of the parts to play for the new member and the rest is on this person.

How hard do you promote the band because the sites I’ve found don’t give away too much info? Is Facebook enough as a promotional tool?
Joe: I think the facebook is enough yet, but of course we know that an official home page is necessary. Nowadays, we fight with a lack of time, so we really try to use this time for writing new songs and practicing.

Are there any advantages to being smack in the middle of Europe when you have a band you want to promote?
Joe: If you have sufficient funds, You had a lot of possibilities to find the best ways to promote yourself 🙂 To be honest, in our case it is a little bit difficult yet. Our aim is to make a big promo for our songs, but at first we need a videoclip. If we want to have it in perfect quality, we have to find some sponsors. Without them, in my opinion, it is unlikely to make a spectacular promo.

What kind of response have you had so far to the music of Storyum? Do you do well on radio or is playing live a better way for you to reach a potential audience?
Joe: If we want to have a gig in front of a huge audience, we need to play our songs in radios. Fortunately one of the biggest radiostation in Hungary is playing our song “Scars”. The responses were very positive yet, we hope, that the second album will gain success too.

When you are a small band how hard is it to get the right kind of gigs/concerts?
Joe: It is very hard to get right gigs in Slovakia, because there are only a few clubs for Rock music. But because of EU we have a lot of chance to make great gigs in other countries, just as in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and so on. But of course if we get a possibility to make gig in Sweden, it would be a huge step for our band.

For a small band downloading can mean the death knell. How do you cope with this whole downloading scene that we see replacing physical records?
Joe: In our case downloading doesn´t mean a problem for the bands. If somebody want to support a band, he will be buy the album in a shop. But if somebody don’t want to buy a CD, because it is too expensive for him, he will be go to a gig for sure. But the condition to buy a CD or a ticket is to hear the songs and it doesn´t matter if the source is a downloading page.

What would you like to happen in the future for Storyum?
Joe: We want to have so many gigs, as possible, and to get our music to a lot of countries. One of our dreams is to get to Sweden, Germany, England and to the USA. And in the end of the year we want to record our second studio album.

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