There are more bands that I don’t know of than there are ones I do know of. Like SWALLOWING THE WEAK. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

I am a word buff so when I find a band name that excites me I want to know the reason behind the choice. So how did you pick your name?
-i found that sentece on my favourite album,,Death will Reign of ,,IMPENDING DOOM.Till nowdays i think i didnt hear better composed and released deathcore or death metal album,ive orderd one tshirt from merchandise and on back was just this,,swallowing the weak,,and i said to myself;why i didnnt get it before?its sick,suits to the music and vibes.i had few crushing names in the pocked but thata one was the best

There are so many genres and sub-genres today that it is hard to keep track of them all. So what was it that made you pick the style you play?
-around 2010 used to hear ,,NO TIME TO BLEED ,, of Suicide Slilence,IMPENDING DOOM and TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED and two years after i was pretty possessed)))deathcore became my religion

What influences you in creating your music? What is/has been the single greatest influence?
-exactely ,everyting im listening lot of news,lot of music at all and i try steal and interpret on my way some intereseting solutions.biggest influence 4 ME r IMPENDING DOOM and WHITECHAPEL

How important is it to have a message as a band?
-nowdays message is gold

Is image an important factor to the bands appearance?
-absolutely.video clips changing i mean r more catchy than audio

How important is it to have an album cover that stands out to grab people’s attention in this day and age?
-absolutely is very important,even for singles like video clips.all of these things attracts attencion

What kind of respect do you get from your local scene?
-dont know but in my place some peole which i didnt see before ask me ,,how r your album?or him ,i saw your clip its great,,thank u ,folx

How massive is it to get response from places you have never heard of?
-i dont play gigs.im on my own.STW is on line project,but in SLIGO where i live sometimes r organised gigs and on breakes my stuff is played and from local people ive got lot of warm words and support

Is playing live still a great way to get new fans to discover you?
-absolutely yes but i have no performances,maybe in future when my children grow up)

What does the future have in its womb?
-new album,so i think this time it will be full-lenght,have to prepare to this properly)

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