SYLVAN REALM are new to me but their black metal tinged music intrigued me enough to want to interview them/him. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Could you please explain to me why it is that I haven’t heard of Sylvan Realm before now?
-What’s important is that now you have, and now your life will never be the same! haha I just couldn’t help myself… in all honesty no one really knows Sylvan Realm the band is very underground and un heard of in general. I create music for myself as a divine communication with the cosmos and personal projection out into the universe… a sonic temple if you will. I haven’t done anything in terms of promotion of the band up until recently I decided to break the silence.

The album title “The Lodge Of Transcendence” made me think sweat lodge and spiritual journeys. What is behind the title?
-Well you got the half of it my friend, a spiritual journey indeed. I had been obsessed with the Twin Peaks series by David Lynch while I was writing the album and in the series there are two lodges the white lodge and the black lodge. Both hidden realms with in nature, they end up finding the black lodge in the series but never do find the white lodge that deals with enlightenment and transcendence so I decided to make my own white lodge if you will.

How does the art work to the album fit with the title?
-The art work are all places I have been while living out in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. I would seek out far away isolated landscapes and abandoned ghost towns from the days of the old west and had some deep awakenings out in those places. I am a photographer so I generally had my camera handy and took pictures of how I would see the places I would seek through my mind’s eye. The general idea is out far away in the realm of nature is a lodge were one can seek to transcend.

Is Sylvan Realm a journey into the nether regions of mankind’s psyche? What is it that you want to achieve with the band?
-Not necessarily mankind’s psyche, but rather a sonic temple and cosmic communication of energy projected out into the universe. Every time I play guitar this is what I do, for music and creating music is my sonic temple.

Do you feel that there has to be an aura of mystique to a band for it to be interesting? I mean what would Marilyn Manson be without the madman aspect.
-Mystique is my middle name hahaha! Generally I gravitate towards mysterious bands, however there are plenty of straight forward bands that I also enjoy. I think it’s important to be authentic as a band and person in general. So many bands are gimmicky, sure gimmicks may sell records… but that is not what Sylvan Realm is about. I don’t try to create mystique nor does Sylvan Realm have anything to keep hidden. I believe it’s more so the fact that the band is very unheard of and
works with such esoteric subject matter. Lastly there is the fact that Sylvan Realm is not a band in the conventional sense, but rather a spiritual journey through musical output.

I get a distinct feeling that you are somewhat of an anomaly on the US metal scene. Where do you feel you fit in? Do you want to fit in?
-Why anomaly is my last name hahaha! I don’t have any connections with the American scene or any scene for that matter. And by now I think it’s no mystery that I don’t fit in!

When you release an album on your own what kind of channels are there to get it heard? How much does radio plays mean to get your band heard?
-I know at least in America that the days of radio are dead. I use to be a DJ for a metal radio show for two years so trust me I know. However for Europe and the rest of the world it may be a different cup
of tea. I generally just use the necessary evil of social network sites to get the music out there and do a lot of trades with indie metal labels.

How much help are the social media in spreading the band’s name and what does it actually mean in terms of real exposure?
-Really just a necessary evil in my opinion, it is what it is nothing less nothing more.

How tough is it really to get yourself heard and to build a fan base in today’s fierce competition? How fickle are today’s metal audience?
-Good question, but I don’t have an answer for you.

What would you like the future to contain for Sylvan Realm?

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