There was a familiarity to the name TAIPAN when I saw it on-line. It was only after I had done this interview that I remembered them from back in the 1980s. for some unknown reason I never ever checked them out back then but that has been sorted now with this interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Taipan sounds Japanese in my ears. What is there behind the band’s name?
-Taipan is the name of the most deadly snake in Australia

For a band that released its first record in 1981 you doesn’t seem to have come too far. What is that has stopped you from being more successful?
-We sold 10, 00 copies of our first EP, released our 2nd , “1770” ,toured for a bit then broke up, only recently reforming, after pursuing solo projects, but it was probably lack of good management as we were very young at the time.

Being from Australia do you ever feel like you’re hindered in your career path by being isolated by water everywhere you look on the map? Would you say that contributed to the downfall of the band?
-Yes that’s part of it, being so isolated didn’t help.

You have still managed to build up quite an impressive back catalogue. Which of the past releases has been the most successful?
-Definitely the first Breakout EP was our most successful, with great reviews, and critical acclaim.

How much had the metal scene changed in the 22 years between your “1770” album and the 2007 album “Stonewitch”?
-It has changed a lot, evolved, grunge, stoner, progressive, black, death…so much choice nowadays, whereas when we first started it was just the old school stuff like Sabbath and Led Zep and then the NWOBHM, which we latched onto with bands like Saxon and Iron Maiden

What was it that made you want to come back after all those years?
-With the emergence of the internet, we started getting a lot of requests to reform, and record…so after 20 years we got together again and the chemistry was still there, so we went for it.

How much of a heavy metal scene is there outside of the bigger cities? I assume it’s a bitch to set up any sort of decent tour with the distances between cities being so big.
-Yes it can be a problem, but we are now hoping to get some good supports with overseas acts coming here. But there is still a thriving local scene

Back in the 80s could you benefit from the success/exposure bands like AC/DC and Rose Tattoo had gotten? What did that bring with it for new Aussie bands?
-Well that was a big part of it, as these bands were from our hometown, and it created a huge buzz, which we latched onto.

With a 2011 album, “Snakes”, to promote what have you done for it and what will you do for it to be successful and bring the band the recognition the band deserves?
-We have signed with Killer Metal records, and will also be promoting it on the web, with our Reverbnation, Myspace and facebook sites. Live work and possible touring is also on the agenda

For how long do you think the band will carry on? What would it take for you to call it a final quit?
-Well we just started again so, I can’t see us quitting in a hurry, we plan to release another 2 CDs over the next 2 years , and build on the momentum. We also want to re release our old material (back catalogue) on CD. As long as we love what we do we will keep it going, and at the moment we have a great passion for the music!

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