I was so impressed by Greek TALES OF THE OLD that I just had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Ok, could you please introduce the band to those of us not too familiar with you guys?
-We are a Symphonic Dark Metal band born on 2010 in Athens, Greece. The band consist of Vassilis Papadimitriou on Vocals, myself Michael Tzanakis, responsible for production, music, lyrics and keyboards, Steve Mihalenas on Guitars, John Kats on Bass and John Prodromou on Drums. In this Ep we also had the honor and the pleasure to collaborate with two great persons and musicians the Producer Bob Katsionis (Firewind) and the guest soprano Androniki Skoula (Chaostar).

How hard is it to find a sound that hasn’t been heard of before?
-I am not really sure if our sound has not been heard before, but what I am sure of is that our sound is at least different. I think every newborn band which is trying from the start to serve a sound as close as possible both new and fresh, combining many different elements( with power metal in our case) always carries a risk. You never know how that will be accepted by the fans and the press. Finally one more disadvantage is that you have no specific target group to aim at

What would you consider your biggest inspiration/influence?
-The inspiration stems first of all from the great history and mythology of my homeland(Greece).Secondly i could say from epic fantasy music, books and sometimes life itself. Influences come from my love for the darkest and most dramatic side of classical music to my boundless admiration for Symphonic metal acts like Rhapsody, Nightwish, Therion and Haggard.

What kind of reactions have you had to your record so far?
-The reaction is very good, perhaps better than expected.

With what intentions did you release a record? How well do you think it has live up to those expectations?
-We know that our music is not the most commercial you can find out there, so we felt we needed before releasing a full length album to give a sample of our work, with the expectation of the best possible reaction from the fans and the press, something which finally happened and we are happy for it.

What kind of position do you feel that you have nationally? Do people know of you?
-I think that we have a long and difficult road ahead of us until we can say that we have earned a prominent position in a metal scene like the Greek, which despite the hard times we are living in is becoming stronger and stronger. With the brightest example of all, great bands such as Firewind, Septic Flesh and Rotting Christ who attracted the lights of the world wide metal scene on our country

If you look at it internationally. Is there any place where you’d like to make more than others?
-We would like to spread our music as far as we can without preferences.

How important is a great looking record for a smaller, up’n’coming band?
-In our opinion it is not and must not be so important, but at a time when thousands of bands are fighting for recognition and with the industrialization of music so much, unfortunately it’s something you can’t ignore. You have to show the same care for all parts, from the music to the last artwork detail. You should at least offer a package highly integrated and as competitive as you can.

How do you go about achieving just what you want?
-With hard work, dedication, patience, persistence, modesty and deep love for music.

What future is there for the band?
-We work hard to demonstrate our work live in the near future. Also we plan to find and embody the last two missing parts of the puzzle, a permanent female and brutal vocalist who will complete our line-up and will give a different and stronger dynamic to the band and the

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