TANGERINE STONED came to me by chance. But given the opportunity to interview I jumped on it and here it is for you to read. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

This is the first I’ve heard of you guys so could you give me a short introduction into the band?
– We are five young music lovers. Everyone comes from a quite different genre, but all with 60s and 70s roots. We care that our music reminds of the psychedlic 60s. We combine our psyche to create an atmosphere that recalls the past, and magically on every stage, a sixth member of the band appears. A spirit, a ghost, who knows?

How important is the band name? What is TANGERINE STONED meant to mean?
-Originally our name was only ”Stoned”, taken from the namesake movie ”Stoned”, about the life of the elusive Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones. Undisputed genius and naughtiness. When we became part of Moonlight Records, we realized that the name ”Stoned” was too naked. So, since during the recordings we survived a week in a noxious place thanks to some cases of tangerines, we decided to use Tangerine and Stoned. It’s something that binds us all 6.

Would you say that you take specific from one era of the music history or do you dig into several different styles to form your sound?
– Let’s say that each of us takes in his experience, remaining faithful to the 60s’ sound.

In your opinion, when was the greatest music ever created?
– Well, surely we’re biased, but we believe that the best music was produced from the 60s to the beginning of 80s. The 60s were shrouded in a strange magic, whatever came out, it was mystical.

You have an album to promote now. How pleased are you with the outcome of that one?
– Saying that we are excited, it’s nothing! We are on fire! We want to break everything!

How much time and effort have you put into getting every detail the way that you want? How much do you trust others to get what you want?
– We started playing covers from the 60’s, so it always influenced our sound. We started composing, and after some months our sound took its shape. The trust, together with the brotherhood, are the most important thing to us.

What is image to you? How do you define image?
– The image matters a lot for a band, and we make the most out of ours. We define ourselves as a mixture of acid hippies and immature jazzers.

Is it important to feel like you are a part of a scene? What is a scene really?
– We don’t know if we are part of a very precise scene, because there are few bands that sound like us.

Can you take you music to the stage? How important is it to you that what you record can be played on stage?
– We consider ourselves stage monsters. During our exibithions, we can engage our audience with our music, and emit a subtle magic. In the studio, everything looks cooler, and when we play live, we get free.

What does the future look like?
– We are young, and we want to believe in the magic of music, so we expect to run far with her.

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