TEARS OF MARTYR is a Spanish goth/symphonic metal band that pretty much blew my socks off when I hear their album “Tales”. Anders Ekdahl c2013

What is the meaning of your band name? Are we to feel sympathy for martyrs??
Hi, and thanks for giving us the chance to share these lines with all Battle Helm readers! The question could be written like “who has not felt in some point of his life like he is fighting against all odds?” Despite of all that big setbacks and moments of weakness, comes from within a throbbing strength that keeps you focused, peaceful and happy to be standing up, no matter what dark shadow could be awaiting for you at the end of the day… I think we all have had that truly martyr feeling, so it’s more an empathy rather than a sympathy matter.

What has taken you so long between albums? 4 years is a long time in today’s climate.?
-“Entrance” was released with the German Label STF in 2010 and we immediatly started to think in new material. We put out some live shows with bands like Epica, Draconian and Dark Moor and had some adjustments in the line-up, that stopped us a little and had to change our calendar. We decided to spend some time looking for the most suitable bass player and when Adrian came in, we finally closed as a quartet.

You have your second album to promote now. Does it feel like you are back on square one and have to build up the band again from scratch?
-We are very happy to become part of Massacre Records, a label with a very important role in Metal history, so it is really great they are confident in what Tears of Martyr has to tell. We would like to think we have had some impact during all these years, at least in the underground scene.Though we are aware of our limitations, which is something very important to put yourself to test, improve and change our course.

You operate within a genre that has formidable exploded in recent years. How do you stand out from all the other symphonic/gothic metal bands?
-The things you see in Tears of Martyr now, the essence, was already there when the band was formed in the mid nineties. I could say we are now more mature, and we are able to express our feelings with more precision and knowledge. We treat both music and lyrics as a whole thing and we try to express and present those feelings to the listener. We love what we do and we expect it to be like that for many years to come! ?

Your new album is called “Tales”. What tales are we speaking of? Is there such a thing as a Spanish folklore with so many regions fighting for their own identity?
-We have never fallen in the side of politics. I think our songs come from the soul, what motivates the human being to fight for what he believes, no matter what it is. Our songs tell about the desire to improve, about fear, pain, of love and despair. These stories have been packed within the songs, some of them are inspired in novels, others show the classical heroes in the Tears of Martyr Universe, and others weaves legends from Spain, ranging from the Asturias of XVII century to the Barcelona of the beginning of XX and ,of course, Gran Canaria is here too for the occasion. We hope the listener will enjoy Tales!

Speaking of that. Is there a Spanish soul or do you identify more with the region you come from?
The band was formed in The Canary Islands in the mid nineties, and in 2007 we decided to move to Madrid where we have had the chance to meet and make great friends and this has also given us the chance to grow as a band. So we are not feeling from any specific region, when you visit many places around the world you realize we are all made from the same and we share the same feelings and most concerns. And yes, there is a Spanish soul, we are a country with many centuries of common history 🙂

Do you as a metal band feel that your are being left on the side coming from Spain or has it changed to that it really doesn’t matter where you are from as long as you are good?
-We believe a 100% in the audience and think they always have the final word. We have always wanted to play for a wider audience and we love to play live, that is one of the reasons why we moved, as in the Canary Islands this was quite difficult. If the public listens to our songs , comes to see us and finally enjoys what we do, we will be happy.?

What would you say has been your greatest musical influences in shaping the sound of TEARS OF MARTYR?
-This is one tough question as we all have our personal musical background. The procedure of what sounds like Tears of Martyr is second nature for us now, as we have been working for a long time together. Although I was the main composer in the past, for Tales, the rest of the band mates have contributed too, something I find very rewarding.
I guess we all listened to the classic heavy music from the 80’s and later added darker tones to the formula with the Death Metal of the beginning of the 90’s. It has been quite a long shifting and polishing process to finally be like we are now.?

Has there ever been a great rock/metal scene in Spain that you as a band can draw from for inspiration or have you always had to look elsewhere to be inspired?
-Hmm great scene? maybe in the early eighties… but we were not part of that. I remember myself as a little kid watching videos of Kiss, Ozzy, Dio, etcetera etcetera on TV and fascinated with all that energy flowing.I am sure that primed the pump of my imagination.?

What future would you like to see for the band?
-We see us on tour and sharing Tales around the world, that would be really awesome for sure. Music means a lot in our life and we really enjoy it, so it is great when we are given that chance. We are thinking in new ideas as well… so hey, why not a new Tears of Martyr album for 2014?

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