I am ashamed to admit it, but I haven’t kept that well up with TYR. Not that it matters now that their guitarist has released a solo album. In order to find out a bit more I interviewed TERJI about the album. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

How do you go from playing folk metal in TYR to releasing an album of instrumentals?
-I have always wanted to release a solo album, and I want to show that I am not just into playing Viking/Folk metal.

As I don’t play guitar at all I have no idea what’s good musicianship apart from if I like the songs or not. How technical is this instrumental album? Should we think Yngwie or Joe Satriani?
-It’s more a blend of Marty Friedman/Steve Vai, but more metal oriented.

When you come from such a small place that you do originally, how does that culturally translate into the music?
-There is nothing cultural about this album. I don’t write songs like that. Not even in TÝR. I like songs that are catchy, so I try to to do that myself.

Is it harder to write music when you know that there will be no vocals to carry it? How do you fill the void that no vocals creates?
-No I don’t think so, it just leaves more creativity to explore the guitar even more. Only hard part is to not repeat yourself too much.

When you recorded this album did you use only one guitar or do you have certain guitars that you use for certain songs because the tone is different. I’ve seen guitarists switch guitars live because of the tuning but I wonder if there are differences in guitars that you can use when you record?
-Yeah I used quite a few guitars on this album. Only cause of tone. Some guitars just sound better for heavier parts and some better for mellow solos or riffs.
It’s something that you learn over the years to hear what sounds work with which song.

Is there a future for recorded music today when most people want their music for free and downloadable?
-Doesn’t look like it no, unfortunately.

As a music fan I fear that in a not too distant future all we will have are pre-packaged festivals and a very dead live scene because nobody wants to spend their money on watching the smaller acts play live. What is your opinion on the state of the live scene?
-Yeah you could be right about that. But I don’t think that it will completely die out. But it has to be a package of bands, otherwise very few people show up.

Is there a future for TYR? Will we see more albums in a not too distant future?
-Yes we are working on a new album at the moment. Hopefully we start recording it this year.

Do you feel that you have contributed to the global metal scene in a lasting way with the records you have released so far?
-To the Viking/Folk metal scene we have contributed quite a bit I’d say. But to the global metal scene, I’m not sure. There are too many bands out there that have contributed much more.

Will there be a future?
-Fuck knows!

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