With so many cool bands out there to check out I offer you some minor guidance by introducing you to THE BLACK SORCERY. Answered by Parageist (guitars). Anders Ekdahl ©2019

I am a word buff so when I find a band name that excites me I want to know the reason behind the choice. So how did you pick your name?
-I believe that a band name is a banner of our work. The Black Sorcery was a good fit because of how we look at our music. Its conjuring darkness that is within each individual of the band.

There are so many genres and sub-genres today that it is hard to keep track of them all. So what was it that made you pick the style you
-Its brutal and primitive. Well writing these last two albums it just naturally fit to create something very harsh. None of us wanted something extremely technical or atmospheric. Just straight for the throat and let the blood spill. Powerful guitars, drums, bass and vocals. In a day and age where everyone is trying to get the prefect sound, everything starts to sound the same. We didn’t want that, we just wanted to put out a brutal album that was our own thing.

What influences you in creating your music? What is/has been the single greatest influence?
-Well writing for The Black Sorcery it’s all the build up angry from day to day life that really influences and inspires the harshness that comes out. Those aspects like friends having crippling medical conditions, suicides, drug addicts friends from high school or those family members dying from diseases. That eats away at everyone. Some cry about it, I personally like to watch shit burn. This is my internal flame setting the world on fire.

How important is it to have a message as a band?
-That depends on the band. For us it’s not about a message. It’s about releasing what’s going on in our lives at that point. To look back even a year ago and remember what was going on in my life and it being documented is unbelievable to me.

Is image an important factor to the bands appearance?

How important is it to have an album cover that stands out to grab people’s attention in this day and age?
-It’s always has been important. Let me put it this way. Would you go to a car salesmen with his dick hanging out, puke on his shoes and meth pipe in hand?

What kind of respect do you get from your local scene?
-I get a lot of support from my local scene. It’s small but it’s not music for the masses either. I’m extremely grateful for all the support with The Black Sorcery.

How massive is it to get response from places you have never heard of?
-I’m extremely grateful that anyone gives two shits about anything I do musically.

Is playing live still a great way to get new fans to discover you?
-The right show easy. If your death metal band is gonna play for a crowd of death metal fans then that’s a good call. If your death metal band is gonna play for a power metal festival you’re probably not gonna get as many fans. At the end of the day though if your music sucks it doesn’t matter how many shows you play, no one is ever gone to give you the time of day.

What does the future have in its womb?
-I’ve been fighting with some health issues over the last few months. I’m eager to get back writing new material. We’ve had some really good offers to do some splits and a very few live shows (that we might actually take up) but for now I have to take a step back from a lot musically and from my personal life. We never set anything in stone, when the time comes we’ll get back to writing and see who else we can piss off

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