I do not make any distinction between commercial metal and great metal. As long as the music is to my liking I do not care how commercial it is. THE DESCENT deserves to be taken noticed of simply because of their metal. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Do you feel like you are part of something greater, a national wonder, or are you just another metal band amongst others?
-Well… we don’t see ourselves as a national wonder, but surely we are not just another death metal band, we have our own way to see things and to make our music

How well do you fit into the local/national scene? Do you want to be a part of any of that sort of thing?
-We are now starting to make our way through the national scene and for sure we aim to be a part of that scene. There are a lot of Spanish bands that we follow and listen such as Darkness by Oath, Rise to Fall, Angelus Apatrida, Crisix… We have played with Darkness By Oath, Rise To Fall,Crisix and many others.

When you sign with an underground label today at the end of 2012 what kind of expectations do you have for the album?
-Our goal alongs with Xtreem Music is to get the album as far as possible, of course we know that we are just starting and in this business is not easy to get a big attention. We think “Dimensional Matters” is a great album with a lot of cool songs and we expect a good acceptation from the audience.

How hard was it to record this album? How hard is it to find the right kind of people to work with? Do you have to travel far in order to get what you want?
-Now we don’t, we recorded the album in our hometown Bilbao at “the Rock Studios” along with the producer Carlos Creator, and then we sent it to Sweden to do the mastering in the “Fredman Studios” with Fredrik Nordström. It’s our first album so that it was our first experience in a studio and of course it was hard… but in the end we think that it turned out good.

When you write lyrics how easy is it to come up with words that will work for an eternity?
-We don’t write the lyrics thinking in what transcendence they will have… we write about our thoughts and feelings expressed in a metaphorical way…

Something that I often think about listening to metal is how so many bands can come up with so much music given the limited amount of notes there are to choose from. What method do you have to writing songs?
-We usually start with some riffs brought by Ander or Anton to the rehearsal room and then the rest of the band starts to give ideas and some arrangements to finish the song.

When you are a small band what kind of touring options are there to choose from? What does it take for you to go on tour?
There are not many to choose from but we are always looking for them because we really love to be on the stage sharing our music with the audience.

What kind of tour support can you expect when you are on a label that doesn’t have money to spend on it?
We are getting a great support from Xtreem Music, they have a lot of bands but they always have time for us. We are satisfied with them, they have a large experience & they are honest with the work they do… no false promises or things like these, we know perfectly where we are, we are in an underground label but we are also a newcomer band & of course, also underground, it´s a good combination.

That is also something that I’ve been thinking about. How do you survive as a minor band on a small underground label?
-It’s always hard to survive in the music industry, but we like to think that with hard word everything is possible. We don´t think Xtreem is a small underground label, they work hard and they are taking care of all we need.

What plans are there for the future?
-As “Pinky and the Brain” says: conquer the world.

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