Since the first time I heard Molly Hatchet I’ve been in love with southern boogie. So whenever anything slightly resembling that sound comes my way I sit up and take notice. THE DOGS DIVINE did that for me.

I can’t say I’m too impressed by the band name but that can be because I don’t understand it. Could you please help me understand why anybody wants to name their band The Dogs Divine?
-LOL. Basically one of the original band members had all this artwork made up for it already. Not sure if there was much of a meaning behind it, but the artwork was cool and nobody had any better ideas for a name. I wish there was a better story I could give for it but that’s it.

I must say that I’m impressed by the album. To my ears it sounds like the perfect cross between southern boogie like Molly Hatchet and more modern southern groove like Down or Crowbar. How pleased are you with the album?
-I guess I could say I am mostly pleased. We were on a tight budget so I would have liked to have had more time with a few things and worked on them more. We also had a couple more songs I would have liked to work up to see if they would have been good enough to make the album

Who do you think will like and buy your album?
-I am not sure. I have been in music long enough to know I don’t have anything like that figured out yet, so I just try to write good songs and not think about who would like it.

How hard is it to stand out in today’s metal climate and what is it in your opinion that sets a band apart from all the others?
-It’s very hard. I think bands have to strive to write a full album worth of good material and try to sound unique but stay true to themselves.

How hard do you guys work on making yourself heard? With what means do you intend to take yourself to the top?
-Well, we travel around a lot and try to get in front of as many people as possible and play, and we almost never see any kind of financial gain from that. We are working very hard right now to get onto some type of tour and hopefully get a radio push along with that. We have shot a couple videos as well. So we work hard but we are trying to work smart as well.

I’m pretty old school. I like my music on CD/vinyl. Is the art work and graphics still as important today when people shop for music digitally as it is to me who still go for physical products?
-I don’t know. I doubt it, I think people are so over stimulated by the internet, that that kind of stuff just isn’t as important now

What is a great eye catching cover to you? How do you get people to notice your album and wanting to pick it up?
-I remember the cover to Queen’s album “New Of The World”. I wanted to know what the hell the story was behind that artwork. I also like artwork like Motorhead has used, the same elements that repeat themselves slightly different each time. We tried to do something similar this time with the Dog we use on the cover. We wanted to brand ourselves, we wanted to look like a pissed off American band. Hopefully that sticks out and people will want to take a closer look.

Do you consider The Dogs Divine to be a live band? What kind of joints do you play in order to get noticed by a larger crowd?
-Yeah, we are a raw rock n roll band. For myself I always add a little more to my bass lines live, I get a little fancy at times lol. We play damn near anywhere. I have played big stages in front of 5000 plus people and I have played dive bars with a stage about as big as a kitchen table top in front of 5 people

How hard is it to be a band wanting to get noticed in a climate when people expect to get things for free legally/illegally? What do you do to avoid being trapped in that evil spiral of people wanting but not giving?
-Very hard. People have no clue what a little financial support to a band means. I mean you have these bands like us that had to work for over a year to put a album together. I worked three jobs at one time to pay for studio costs all while my wife was suffering from breast cancer and I had medical bills to cover as well and then you have someone openly admit to downloading your music illegally. There are times when just a few simple CD sales really can make a difference in morale for a band. And a band very much needs some of that to keep themselves going sometimes. Really the only thing I think you can do is to play live as much as you can and keep yourselves in front of people, maybe that would help a little, besides that I don’t know what else you can do.

Where do you see The Dogs Divine going in 2012?
-I don’t know, I try not to let myself raise my expectations to high. We are going to just keep fighting the good fight and try to get ourselves out there, that’s all we have ever done, that’s all we can do

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