THE FABULOUS RUDIES came to me courtesy of Reverbnation. I liked their sound and decided to get to know more about them by interviewing them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I just gotta ask how much is the band name a tribute to the Fab Four? What is a fabulous rudy?
-We recently revamped the band that had been together 12+ years at that time in 2010! My daughter, Kailyn, that had been singing w/ the band from time to time since she was 7 years old, took over as the lead vocalist so we went from The Fabulous Rudies to The FAB Rudies aka “FABulous” Rudies. And yes the slight name play has everything to do with the Fab Four. A fabulous rudy is a tribute to the early Jamaican “Rudeboy” or “Rudegirl,” rudies! Bob Marley’s original band was called The Wailing Rudies!

You guys are often compared to bands like Paramore and their ilk. What in your opinion defines your music and what sets it apart from all other hopefuls?
-We are often compared to Paramore and such because we have a female lead singer and we ROCK! This is rare in itself! However, we think what sets us apart from other bands is our ability to crossover to other genres and the fact we feel that we have something to say. I think we are able to crossover where others fail is our mix of experienced musicians and young musicians. Having my daughter and myself in the band speaks volumes all by itself. Also because of our multi-generation influence and the fact the band has been around awhile, we are not confined to any certain sound and are willing to change without compromise to make the best music we can. We try to be open with each other as a band because we do have different influences and we have to respect that with each other. “We make music we like with no restrictions” is probably the best way to express The FABulous Rudies.

To me living on the other side of the pond the genre of music you get put into is very Americanized. Where do you see yourself having a potential crowd outside of North America?
-I want to think our music can crossover to anywhere. Good music is good music! Our version of No Doubt’s, JUST A GIRL, is being used in an upcoming movie called FEARLESS and will be “all mashed up” via the DJ with some of our original material to give it that “international” dance sound that seems to be everywhere. We are excited to hear what it sounds like! We are hoping to travel abroad especially Europe!

How do you best sustain a viable music career in an ever-changing music scene and not lose any sort of credibility?
-Well I think I’ve answered this before with playing music you love with no restrictions! However, today’s musician also must be somewhat business savvy and stay up on all the new social media as well. Making good music though will always be the main ingredient! Also I think you are not always going to keep even your “oldest/old-school” fans happy all the time. I guess you would lose credibility with those fans who do not like what you are trying to do. They never want you to change. I think you can’t worry about that. You can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try. We do aim to please though because we do “love” our fans! Just impossible to do.

When does a sound become complacent and dull and how do you avoid it to happen yet still maintain a radio friendliness?
-You have to grow as an artist or you stop being an artist. You can’t worry about what the radio programmers want to hear. We are conscious however about how we are viewed by outside influences but you will go crazy trying to please them. I say make good music and the rest will take care of itself!

When you deal with family in a band setting does that bring with it any special sort of circumstances, i.e. how do you deal with internal band issues when you deal with family?
-Good question! I believe family comes first and being in a band is like having a second family. Having my daughter in the band is quite unique but I enjoy it. I think being honest with everyone is important as well as being consistent. When everyone has the same goals in mind it is easier to deal with band issues. Having my daughter in the mix hasn’t really changed anything dealing with band members and our issues.

I’m not saying that your audience is mainly college oriented but your music does attract a young audience. How do you deal with a generation that has grown up with mp3s and downloading songs?
-It’s different than what I’m used to but it is my daughter’s generation! She teaches me. I’ve had to keep an open mind. Having to deal with my own children has helped me stay relevant with today’s generation.

Is the album as we know it from Pink Floyd or Black Sabbath dead today? Are people only interested in single songs now?
-It is about the single now just like it was in the ’50’s. It did change though didn’t it? I think it won’t always be about the single as the music scene always seems to go through cycles. The music industry today however, is changing at a much faster pace, in fact, every day, but no one knows what the future holds. I do know that people love good music and will always seek it out. I like to believe that music lovers will eventually want more than just a single from an artist. They will want to get into the artists heart and soul. Music fans are passionate about their music and musical artists. Again I think this phase will eventually change…the artist is going to have to make better music for the fan to want more. It will always be about the music no matter what the phase is in any generation. Wouldn’t it be great to listen to an artist’s vision again like “The Wall!” It’s not just a collection of songs but an entire story/message that Pink Floyd wants you to experience!

Is the way many people consume music these days a problem hard to solve or have you found new ways to bring your music to the masses?
-Music doesn’t sell like it used to at shows definitely. We try to give something to the fan every time we play live and are constantly coming up with ways to get our music out there. The internet though has gotten the independent artist’s music out there like no other time before. The problem is that the casual musician who is tech savvy can make music on a Mac Pro that isn’t very good but it is out there with everything else. That makes it hard for the consumer to decide what to listen to if all these different songs are randomly available on a variety of music sites. I do believe that eventually what comes out of this new way to consume music will be better than before as the “weeding out process has already begun,” and only the best music will survive because that’s all that can survive.

What lies in the future for The FABulous Rudies?
-The FABulous Rudies plan to conquer the world with a new Movie and new CD! Yes, we in a way have a new Movie coming out called MUSIC HIGH. My day job is that I am also a high school teacher and have an after school program about ROCK MUSIC. A local independent movie producer/director, Mark Maine of Angelic Pictures, read a story about my program in the local newspaper, the San Diego Union Tribune, and decided to make this movie, Music High, based on my story. My daughter and lead singer, Kailyn, has a principle role playing a music student in the Film, now to be released by Universal Pictures. Kailyn and her “All-Girl, Movie Band, The POP Squirrels” will try to win the school’s “Battle of the Bands” contest when a new music teacher tries to save their music program from being cut from the school. Most of The FABulous Rudies band-mates will play themselves as the backline musicians for the “POP Squirrels.” The Music High Soundtrack will feature 8 songs performed by us (covers, plus new & old TFR songs). We plan to release our new CD to coincide with the release date of this film including our first single, the title-track of the movie, IT’S MY LIFE. The release is to be determined but we should know sometime in June. We are guessing September? We are already planning to be a part of the sequel to this movie called FEARLESS and Kailyn has a much bigger role in this film to be shot in early September. We plan to tour after the filming to promote our CD for at least the next year(+). Hopefully heading to your way Anders, Sweden!

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