THE FIRE are on their third album but if you are anything like me you’ve just discovered them. So get to know them better I had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Why has it been that the third album was the difficult one? What is so special about the third?
-The third album is normally a crossroad: you confirm what you have done or you change it. It’s like a movie trilogy, the third chapter is always more criticable if the second one got success.

How would you like to describe your third album? How does it stand up to the previous two?
-It’s less heavy, but more sophisticated, I think a lot about how every single piece has to be in it’s own right place. I don’t mind if people will love it or not,
it’s like a puzzle, and I’m very happy for the final result, because it’s exactly how I immagine “Supernova”

You guys have been around some time now. Do you notice that bands that were there when you started are dropping off one by one? How does that make you feel?
-Make you feel real, and not the “flavour of the month”. You understand that all this work is for passion and not to make some money or be a star.
I think that there are two different kind of musicians:
1. the musician who wake up and has the need to write, create or play all his artistc ideas
2. the musician who just “go with the crowd” or just play what people tell him to play.
We are just what we want to be.

How tough is it today to make a lasting career out of playing rock/hardrock/metal?
-Having a career in Italy it’s something impossible, and not just in the rock music… maybe in Europe you can try to find a way to create a lasting career, but you need many things: talent, money, people who help you to make this dream true and last but not least a lot of luck!

What kind of reception do you get on home ground? Are you a respected band or are you ignored?
-We are respected, but this doesn’t mean big selling on the music market. When we play in other countries we get a different kind of feedback from promoters, people from the music business and fans… they look at us like a professional combo coming from Italy. But in our contry seems that none take care about it… but it’s a tipical problem when you play in your own country, every band that come from “outside” get more attention… not just in Italy 😉

What was it that made you want to start a band in the first place? Has it lived up to the expectations you had when you started?
-My father play keyboards, and he teach me music since I was a kid. Untill 15 years old I was more thinking to go on Skate or BMX, then I realized I could play in a punk band even if I’m not a super professional musician… from 1989 I dont’ have any other thing in my mind.

I take it that you’ve toured a bit. What is it like to be on tour supporting an album that perhaps don’t have the same kind of distribution that a major label acts has?
-I don’t care about it, the difference is just in the numbers not in the emotions. Major deals are for music business but they can’t make music better. We did 500 shows in 7 years and the emotions are real and true, even if we play in front of 40 people or 2000. We played from small clubs to show supporting big international stars, but when you are on stage you are alive, and then you understand that there is nothing wrong.

Is playing live still the best form of promotion for a band? Is that a sure way to turn people on to your music?
-Sure. Right now you can record an album and being the best music player thanks to plug ins, editing, autotune… but onstage you can’t. You must be good if not the audience will quit. Even if playing it’s really hard for the financial crisis… Clubs are closing, Labels haven’t any more money, The Band can promote their self just through internet… and it’s hard to understand who is really able to play a good show… you have just few chance to let people know that you kick ass…

What kind of tours have you been part of? Do you go out on your or or do you try to get on tours that you know will generate an audience?
-We made both… in Italy mainly we do solo tour, in other countries we tour with other bands to get the chance to play in front of a new and bigger audience.

What future is there for The Fire?
-ahahahha who knows? Say yours… wait don’t say anything we don’t wanna know… Mayas already said enough… 😉

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