If you don’t know who Kam Lee of THE GROTESQUERY is you should read up on your death metal 101. Together with Rogga of Paganizer fame among others they make this death metal locomotive run. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

You have a name that makes me think back to 60s and 70s horror movies. How hard was it to settle on THE GROTESQUERY?
~ Not too hard… it was a name I actually had as part of a title for a song – but it just worked well as a band name too. The first intention was that TG would be just a one time project. The fact that we are now on our third full length proves that we must have been on to something the audience wanted. It seems that this project has survived to see it’s 3rd full length because we hit a chord with people to bring them something more than just another musical effort.
We are all horror film fans as well as fans of the horror genre, so bringing an atmospheric tone and overall story feeling to an album wasn’t too far of a stretch for us to imagine.~

When you started this journey did you ever imagine that it would take you this far? What has been the greatest experience so far?
~ The best thing thus far… is the fact that we’ve come this far. Like I said before… I never imagined I would ever see be our third album, let alone the completion of the Coffin Born trilogy. ~

What is it with metal and horror movies that goes hand in hand?
~ I think because both evoke the primal darkness and poke at the eternal question of the pure essence of humanity’s curiosity in the unknown. To confront our deepest and most primitive emotions with free thought in absolute conjecture and possibilities of theories. It confronts the animalistic urges in us all and allows us to be able to release those urges in a controlled and safe environment. All that… and it’s just BAD ASSERY!!~

Death metal today is no longer just Possessed. How do you define death metal?
~ One does not just define death metal… one feels it… lives it… bonds with it… becomes it and is fully consumed with it. It is an extension of oneself – an embodiment of one’s inner self extruding forth from oneself through the expression of a musical outlet.
It is as much as one’s self as one’s own appendage like and arm or leg. Those who meagerly wander the outskirts of the scene idly picking just the fruit on top, miss the sweetest tastiest parts hidden in the bunch. They are NOT part of the system that which is the bond – but the bane and insidious sickness that covers the pile like a fungi and black spored infestation. Sometimes one must dig deeper into what is presented forwards… in order to reach the real true meaning of things. This is what TRUE Death Metal is – in whatever form or style it represents itself in.~

What was it that got you hooked on extreme metal? What can you do within its realm that you cannot do in other forms of metal?

~I’m very old school… I go back to the roots – the very beginning of death metal… so for me – it was the hard-core punk scene that got me into extreme music in the first place – stuff coming out in the late 70’s early 80’s… it was from this and Thrash that Death Metal spawned forth. I was there in the start… when the scene was young which then I helped it to grow and become the death metal scene. Myself – along with a handful of others – spearheaded and created the scene… so for whatever it is worth – it was the vision of a handful of musicians that came in and proved that we had a place in music. Our love of things morbid, dark, and death – was a perfect platform and outlet to be utilized in expressed through death metal music.~

6. How important is the art work to you guys? How involved are you in front cover, booklet lay out etc.?
~The art is very important… and the style in which we chose to represent ourselves. It’s why we work close with Turkka (our artist) because his style represents the perfect gothic horror tones and atmosphere we want to convey. We didn’t use some contemporary styled artist that every fucking band uses, we chose to use an unique obscure artist with an individual style and direction – because we felt his style fit our unique blend of music.~

7. What part does the lyrics play? How do you incorporate them into the music?
~The lyrics play one of the most important parts to this band… because the lyrics represent the story. Without them – it would be just random barking – growls and incoherent gibberish. Any moronic band can do that… and THEY do do just that. We wanted TG to be a coherent – and cohesive band that each song and part of the album, art work and layout included… tells a very IMPORTANT part to the ENTIRE story. It is not just in the music itself… but the entire overall product that captures the essence of what we are trying to convey.~

What horror movie soundtracks has the best metal line up in your opinion? Should horror soundtracks be filled with rock/metal or classic music?
~ That one is kind’a hard… because I tend to like classic horror films. But anything GOBLIN does to me is just pure genius, all the horror film sound track they recorded are pure gold to me. ~

If you were to play live what would a show with you guys look like?
~I’ve been asked this alot… but seriously… there isn’t a budget large enough to represent us fully the way we would need to be represented in a LIVE performance. IF the band was to ever perform live… it would have to be a MASSIVE production… not only as a rock concert – but as a full onstage PLAY as well… with onstage live performance artist and actors to fully represent our vision to it’s entire extent. Hell… ticket prices alone… just to cover expenses… would be astronomical… and I don’t think anyone would want to pay that price in this day and age. ~

What will the future hold?
~ That all depends on the overall fan response to this album really… IF the band/project moves forwards – will be largely dependent upon how the entire scene reaction and response is for this new album. I personally think bands have a 3 album limit… I never like bands too much after the third release… some our an exception, but to me most bands have a 3 album limit before they become shit. We will have to see… i don’t and won’t continue in something if it becomes shit… i think my past history proves I won’t stay long with something once something becomes either boring… or unfun… I do this for the most part for FUN. I’m not in this for fame and fortune… but once it become not fun… I move on to the next thing.~

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