The Horde should appeal to all with even the slightest interest in extreme metal. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

What has Vikings to do with metal?
Tim: Being a Viking was brutal. Metal can be brutal. Vikings raided villages and churches. We raid stages. They drink mead. We drink mead. They liked wenches. We like wenches. They used battle axes. We play our axes!

The Horde conjures up images of men pillaging and plundering on their way through. What kind of concept/idea lies behind the band?
Tim: Lyrically we boast of tales of days bygone where men fought and killed and survived. Also there are tales of violent fantasies with mythical beasts and evil wizards and maniacal women. Frank Frazetta is actually a huge influence on our music.

Is it only real men that can play real metal or have those not so manly any chance at all? What are real men and what is real metal?
Tim: Haha… that was part of our bio from our 1st record company, Scenester Credentials. The original line up everybody was tall. Nobody was under 6ft tall. Our singer is 6′ 8″ tall! The other guitar player and drummer at the time were 6′ 5″ and 6′ 4″ respectively.

I’ve been into metal since 1982 and I guess I’ll be metal till death. When you’ve done metal bands for close to 20 years how do you find the energy to keep going?
Tim: Playing Metal is like fine wine. It just keeps getting better and better with age. That fire still burns inside us. Plus the newest addition to the band Derek is in his early 20’s so that gave us an infusion of energy.

What constitutes a great song? Is there something that always has to be there?
Tim: Distortion! For me it has to be memorable. Catchy. Heavy. If there’s technicality I’m ok with it as long it’s not over the top. It’s a matter of personal taste honestly. Everybody in the HORDE has some different tastes as far as their metal goes.

How hard is it to find a record label that you trust with your life’s work?
Tim: All I know is that we wanted a metal label to put out our 2nd album and we found that in Stormspell Records. They have a good track record of releasing quality thrash and power metal and hopefully our newest release continues that tradition.

I guess the four horsemen on the cover are you. What does the cover symbolize to you?
Tim: Loosely. Our 2nd album is actually a concept album based off of a story line I came up with. All I can say is not all stories come out with happy endings. The story is a village in this king’s territory is attacked by a demonic Sorcerer and evil band of rogues. The king enlists the help of four barbaric mercenaries to help rid the kingdom of this Sorcerer and it’s a story of their epic journey to do just that. The cover is just part of the story. The art work was done by Alan Lathwell. He is based out of the UK. He rules!

How important is it to stick out in today’s highly competitive metal environment and how best do you stick out?
Tim: In a world where especially here in America playing metal and being uncatchy is trendy we are doing things our way. Always. Nobody at any time has tried to change us and if anybody has ever doubted us that usually changes after watching us live.

Having been around so long as you guys have in one form or another you’ve seen trends come and go. Which has been the worst/best?
Tim: The 90’s wasn’t really my thing, music wise. The death of the guitar solo. At the Gates was the best thing about the 90’s. The return of the guitar solo is the best.

How important is playing live to building a fan base in today’s electronical loner society?
Tim: Playing live is very important to the HORDE. We live for it. That’s where we get to set up our full stacks and pillage the crowd! The people living behind the computer should get out more (as I type this behind a computer!) and experience as much live music as they can.

What future do you envision for The Horde?
Our future is already being planned out. Touring this fall and in the Spring of 2012 and possibly the fall too. I’ve already started writing for the next album and hopefully that will be recorded next year at some point.

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