THE HYPE THEORY seemed like a cool band that I wanted to know more about so what better way than to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What is behind eh choice of band name?
-With an industry so saturated in bands it’s important to get a lot of buzz and hype around a band if they are going to stand out amongst the masses, this is where our name stemmed from.

So the album’s out, the reviews are coming in. is everything set for the band now? You just sit back and reap the benefits?
-The album has really helped to build a name for ourselves, especially with the backing of Small Town Records. They did a great job releasing the album and the reviews have been great so far, but we are still working really hard promoting the album.

How rewarding is it that you have an album out? What are you doing to promote it?
-It feels great to have the album out, especially because we have had such a great response from it. We have been touring the UK and Europe to promote the album and having an amazing time doing so.

How did you end up with the sound that you have? What is it that makes you sound the way you do?
-We all have similar tastes in music and the sound just happened naturally because of that.

Nowhere else but in Britain you get subjected to the hype machine that is the British press. How do you avoid being caught up in that rat race? How do you build a hype that last?
-It is hard because there are a lot of bands out there all aiming for the same things, but i believe that if you write good music and work hard all the rewards will come.

How broad is your appeal? Can you play with any kind of bands and still get the audience to roar with you instead of against you?
-We have played some of the heaviest festivals in the UK and with some heavy bands and have had an awesome response from the crowd. We just have fun on stage and it seems to win people over.

Different countries have different musical traditions. Sweden has its extreme metal scene, Germany its thrash metal scene but what have the British Isles? How do you fit into it?
-The UK music scene is very fickle and broad, we are just going to stick to our guns and write the kind of music we love. If we fit into the music scene that is popular then that’s great, if we don’t, then we don’t.

When you tour what kind of reactions do you get to your music? What kind of scenes do you like to play on?
-We get a great response when we tour because we have a lovely fan base who love to party with us.

Does it help that you are British when you go abroad? Are you respected for being British?
-I don’t think it makes a difference. People respect good music and a good show. If we achieve both of those then people respect us regardless of where we are from.

What does the future hold for you? What would you like for the future to hold for you?
-We are on tour in June with New Riot and are releasing some new material later on in the year. We are currently in the process of writing our second album which is set to be recorded in November.

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