THE INIQUITY DESCENT is another Finnish band that is starting to make some noise in the extreme metal scene. Check them out if you like your metal with a twist. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I don’t know why but I get an Impaled Nazarene feel when I see your art work and press shots. What is it that influences you guys?
– There’s a lot of music that has inspired us through all these years. We have all grown up listening to Black-, Death- and all kinds of Metal, but I can assure you that there is no intentional Impaled Nazarene influences in our music.

You are being described as avant-garde. What is there in the definition of avant-garde that fit your sound?
– I don’t really know why we are being described as Avantgarde Black Metal. In my opinion we don’t belong at all in that category, for except maybe our artwork and some of the lyrics.

When you don’t play strict black metal does that diminish your chances to reach the die-hard fans? What are your thoughts of narrow-minded scene purists?
– Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t, I don’t really care. We make and play the kind of music we like and we do not play to please any specific group out there. I think that these so called scene purists are entitled to their opinion and if they don’t like The Iniquity Descent, who really cares.

Is there a concept behind the band and its lyrics? What is it that you want to say with the band?
– There’s not really a fixed concept, but I write about what I see around me, my own experiences in the past and how I would like it to be around me. All in the band comes from an area in Finland that is really conservative and religious, so that has influenced us to what we are today and what kind lyrics I write. There’s lots of stories to be told.

How much importance do you place on writing ”catchy” songs and not long and drone like ones?
– The question is all about what we like. We write the kind of music that we would like to hear. Our guitar player Mikael, that writes most of the music, likes catchy and groovy Black Metal stuff and that’s what he writes. I have nothing against “long and drone like” songs, but it just doesn’t fit this group.

What kind of importance do you place on art work and iconography? Is it important to have art work that says the right kind of things?
– Of course it is! That’s why I really like to work with the guy that has done all our covers so far. We discuss the artwork a lot before we start working. A great album can easily be destroyed by tacky and ugly artwork.

How hard was it to come up with the album title ”The Human Apheresis”?
– That was not hard at all. It just came to me on a train ride back to the town where I was born. That train has inspired me to write many of the lyrics you see on that album. There’s something in the air there that makes my cogwheels turn.

As A Swede I often wonder what the Finns have that makes metal band chart that other countries metal bands don’t have. Any explanation to why metal is so popular in Finland?
– There’s many theories for this. Some people say it’s the Finnish mentality, some says it’s because the winter is long and dark. I guess I would say that it’s our musical heritage. All our old songs and hymns are very melancholic and sombre. Metal fits both.

How do you intend to promote the album the best possible way?
– I hope that Massacre Records do that for us! But we try to have the album visible on the internet and local record stores. We are also releasing a new music video soon that I hope will get out there and draw some attention.

Is there a future for The Iniquity Descent?
– The Iniquity descent definitely has a future, how big is yet to be seen. Our kind of music is really marginal and I have no idea how far a band like this can go. We will at least do our best to keep the band alive and produce new music as often as possible.

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