Where did THE LAST WARNING hide from me? I might have been slow in getting to know them but that I hope to make up with this interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

What does it mean that it has been 4 years since your last album? Has the scene run away from you?
-I think this was a sign that we needed to slow down a little bit. We started to write new material and to look for a producer. We didn´t have any contract with a label, so there was no pressure for a release. Roland and me, we also founded our own company, the “Blinddog Music OG”, a company for booking, management and concerts, which also took some time. So we stayed in the scene, but behind the stage.

Why has it taken you so long to get a new album out?
-When we finished the writing of the new material and when everything was ready for the recording, Markus (our drummer) had a bad injury of his right hand and we had to stop the project for a year. To be honest, it was no problem for us because we were a little bit burned out of the last 12 years we played together.

How pleased are you with it now that it is out? What kind of expectations do you have on it?
-We are very pleased with the new record. We really love the new songs. Especially our producer R.D. Liapakis did a good job. Personally for me it was not easy to work together with him, because he is a guy who likes to kick the asses of musicians. I had a hard time in the studio with him, maybe that´s the reason why my voice sounds that angry on the record, haha. So we are very glad that the album is released now.
We want to reach as much people as we can with the new album. Get the chance to play cool festivals and tours. Just to be out there on the stage and to have fun with the metal heads.

What is the thrash metal scene like in Austria? What kind of history is there of thrash metal in Austria?
-Do we have a thrash metal scene in Austria? I think there is no big difference in the scene in Austria between the subgenres. Metal heads choose their bands they like and go to concerts of their favorite bands. That´s it. The history of the Austrian metal scene is dominated by the international scene. We do not have our own trends; we are influenced by the big metal acts from the states and Germany.

Your previous albums, what kind of backing did they get? How well did they do and how well would you have liked for them to do?
-Our last albums did well, but we didn´t had the feedback we wanted. They were real underground productions. We did not have a producer and we released over small labels. But in the end our previous albums gave us the opportunity to tour in Asia and play shows throughout Europe. We will see what the future will bring.

When you choose a producer what was it that you looked for? How well had you scouted his track work?
-The focus was that we really wanted to make a one hundred professional production. We looked around for a producer in Austria and Germany and a friend of mine told me about R.D. Liapakis and that he is a real music freak. I spoke on the telephone with a few producers. I had a good feeling when I spoke to Lia, because when we spoke for the first time on the telephone we talked for more than two hours about the music and the ideas we have.

When you pick a title for the album what is there in the choice, what does it have to have? Does the album title have to have anything to do with the lyrics?
-For the actual album it was our intention that we wanted to come forward and make the next step. So we choose the title “Progression”, because this is what the album means to us. Yes, it also has to do with lyrics. On the album we have a song called progression and the lyrics are about the growing in live, as a musician and also as a personality.

How important are the lyrics? Do they have to have some sort of message?
-For me as a singer, the lyrics are very important. They always must have a sort of message, because I want to cry out all my pain and put into my voice as much emotions as I can. I think that´s a kind of therapy for me what prevents me from not becoming crazy in this world. Sometimes I put in very personal parts into the song. But sometimes I choose some topics that I´m interested in, for example when I wrote down the lyrics for the song “The Beast” (a song about an Austrian serial killer) I thought about the topic how a murder or a psychopath can change through psychological therapies.

When choosing art work what is that you look for?
-For the album “Progression” we wanted to have a very brutal artwork. Lia (our producer) told us about Anestis Goudas, a graphic designer from Greece, who made a lot of artworks for metal bands. We contacted him and we spoke about the ideas we have about the album and then, after some time, he showed us the first designs and we loved it. We wanted to bring in the idea of a dead system that surrounds us, so he choose this artwork with the dead king on the throne and the band members surrounded by a lot of skulls and bones.

What future is there?
-We want to promote the album in the next month as good as we can. So we will play some festivals and shows in Austria as well. We are planning a tour in October and we will also make a tour next year. It will be a great time, hope to catch you on the road.

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