Before I got sent the latest record by THE MOTH GATHERER I had not heard of them. As I wanted to know more about them an interview was in place. Interview answered by Alex. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

OK, could you please introduce yourself to those that might not be too familiar with your guys?
-The Moth Gatherer was formed back in 2008 morse or less as a project. Me and Victor just felt that we wanted to write music. Both of us had been through some life altering events so The Moth Gatherer became like therapy. And in 2010 we began to write and record what was to become our debut “A Bright Celestial Light”. And here we are now.

What would you say has been your greatest influences/inspirations in starting the band?
-Musically the biggest inspirations is probably Breach, Neurosis and Cult of Luna. But since we began due to losing people we love to cancer, I would have to say that our biggest influence is life itself.

Now that you are on your way, so to say, what has been the greatest trip so far?
-It has been many great trips with this album, just finishing it after working on it for two years felt great. To have Agonias support behind us and all the things they have done for us is also amazing. But I must say that the biggest ride of them all has been the amazing support and feedback we have got from all over the world. So thank you!

You seem to go down well with the critics but how do you take a positive review to mean something in real life? How hard do you work to get the band noticed?
-Of course we become happy when we read a good review! It means that all the work we put in this record actually means something for other people too, and that feels great! We work with what we got, twitter, facebook etc. Since there is only two of us, it’s quite hard to play live. It’s a huge process to bring The Moth Gatherer to a stage, but if we get a good offer we will come through and bring this beast to s stage. But at the moment we just enjoy this awesome ride! And sooner or later we will start to write a follow up.

Now that the album is out how pleased are you with it? How is it to live with it knowing that it’ll be there forever?
-I’m actually really pleased. Of course there are some things that you wanna change, but I think that you will never be 100% satisfied with an album you make, there will always be things. But overall I stand behind our debut and will do, forever. I wanna thank SCG for the superb artwork! Karl Daniel Lidén for the explosive master and last but not least Member 01 from The Konsortium. It’s thanks to them the album turned out this way so I won’t regret it!

When you are about to enter a studio to record how well have you researched the place? How well prepared are you and how willing are you to compromise with your art?
-Victor has his own studio so we use that one. It sounds good and it’s free! Most of the time we are not prepared at all, we just meet and jam. It’s a great creative space to write together, but since we’re writing in the moment the process of recording a song takes much longer.
We are always bickering when we are writing, I want it to sound one way and Victor has another idea, but in the end we end up with a song that both of us can stand behind. But we would compromise our sound in order to sell more albums or something like that. We do it our way and if people like it that is great!

When you pick an album title, with what kind of intentions do you do so? Is it important that it’s a catchy title or is it more of a declaration of intent?
-I would say that it is more of a declaration of intent. Since this album is about death, losing hope and trying to find a way back, we felt that the title “A Bright Celestial Light” was a good title on many planes. The rumour goes that when you die you see a bright light. Also, the moth always searches for a celestial light. And it is just irony, since the music is more or less black. Those are some of the reasons behind the title to our debut. If you guys have any other theory you are welcome to share it with us!

Are the colours of the cover important to draw people to it? Would bright orange or pink be instant death for the album?
-Yeah, the colours are important, at least for me. It’s something that draws attention to the album. The colours and good artwork. I have many albums with extreme colours that are great. I would almost say that I would prefer a bright cover than a black. But it depends on the rest of the artwork. A dark cover can look amazing, like our labelmates Kongh latest, and a dark cover can look butt ugly, like many extreme metal bands. So I would say that it comes down to how they use the colours with the artwork.

Does the lyrics have to match the music? What kind of lyrics are best suited to your music?
-The lyrics are as important as the music to me, so they are fitting the mood and sometimes even sets the mood to the song.
Our lyrics are very introvert and I hope that they give every listener their own meaning. I know what I feel when I hear them, but that mean that you feel the same.
On this album the lyrics are centered around cancer, losing someone, losing hope and wanting to find a way back. It fits this album since it is what we needed to write about.
All I can say now is that the next album won’t have the same theme. But the lyrics will still be introvert and atmospheric.

What would you like to see the future carry for you?
-If I get to wish I would say that I hope that the future brings another album I’m proud of and some great gigs at various festivals around the world!

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