With an all star line-up consisting of folks like Björn Strid and Sharlee D’Angelo that are more extreme metal this couldn’t be further from that. Everything will be explained in the interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I guess you get asked why a project like this a lot of times so I’ll start with what is so great about 70s hardrock/rock??
-It’s the time when albums really were albums. You listened through the whole thing and there was a point why every track was in a specific order. Aside from that, I just simply love the melodies and arrangements from the period around 77-83, there’s something so timeless and epic about them.

When I listen to albums by bands like Genesis, Yes and a whole host of other 70s acts what strikes me is that they seem so free of clichés. Where did it go wrong?
-Somewhere along the way, single songs became more important than the actual albums. People got more spoiled and expected more and expected it fast. That’s why albums of today or especially singles need to be so processed and perfect to fit the human ear that already is so used to having everything served. Imagination is lost.?

When you play the kind of music that you do how important is it to keep it true in spirit? What kind of agenda do you have?
It wasn’t hard at all since we are a bunch of classic rock freaks. We just knew what to do just by having eye contact, everyone had the same vision and knew what would and wouldn’t fit in. Timeless melodies were really the main key as well and to create a real groove that you seldom hear nowadays. ?

When you do not live in the same place how much does modern technology help? Is there any risk of modern technology ever messing up the original idea of the band?
-Well, I really wish we could have record the album the analogue way but at the same time we didn’t wanna be too nerdy about it. To usi t was all about creating something old sounding that would still make sense today, without becoming too much of a pastiche. However, it was so refreshing not having to hear the words “beat-detector” or “auto-tune” in the studio, there’s too much of that in today’s music. We wanted to create something that feels alive.

How much of a liberation is it to not have to think within the narrow confines of your ordinary day jobs? Does not having a normal band frame allow you a greater freedom in being creative??
-For example Soilwork means so much to me and represents a lot of what I stand for and enjoy, including lyrics, arrangements, intensity and melodies. However, I’m a musical chameleon and have so many things I want to express in so many ways. I’m just a big music lover. Of course it was a great challenge and also very stimulating to step away from the metal norms for a bit, it has given me so much that I will also bring with me to Soilwork as well.

You released the album on an Italian label that nobody seems to have heard of. Why chose such a narrow passage to get the album out??
-To tell you the truth, it was REALLY hard to find a label for this kind of music. Labels just didn’t seem to see the point of it, plus there were no real selling points since me and Sharlee are more well known in the metal genre. It wouldn’t have been very hard to find a label if it was another metal project. We were dealing with a few labels but my friends at Coroner records really believed in us and they are one of the few labels that I trust, so we decided to go with them. They’ve done a great job so far!

What kind of expectations do you have on the album? Do you think people will rave over simply because of who’s on it or will they actually like it too?
-I guess both. There’s been a lot of curiosity around it. A lot of metal heads have expressed that they definitely didn’t expect this and that they first felt uncomfortable listening to it and in the end felt that the album was irresistible. I really think anybody could appreciate this album, there are not a lot of albums out there today sounding like this. The sound is old but in many people’s ears, it sounds refreshing.

When you put together an all-star line-up how hard is it to get all the right people to accept? How much red tape is there in getting all you guys together?
– Well, we already knew who would be perfect for the band since we shared a common love for classic rock and we knew they had the right feel for it. All we had to do is to arrange 1 rehearsal and we knew it was gonna happen and that it was gonna sound real good.?

How does a recording session differ when you don’t have the same kind of pressure of delivering as you usually do when you are in the studio?
-It was a new feeling even though I always create a lot of pressure for myself, I always wanna give my all. Still it was a great feeling not having to live up to any crazy expectations, all I felt was that: “wait until you hear this, I bet you haven’t heard anything like this for a while”. That was the main drive.

Is the a future for Night Flight Orchestra?
-Absolutely! We already have plans for a 2nd album and want to book festivals for next summer. Hopefully also put together a tour or tour Casinos with Styx in North America. That would be awesome..

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