The first time I heard THE ORDER’s new album “1986” I was taken back to a time when I heard Bon Jovi’s “Runaway” the first time. It was such an innocent time back then that I just had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

When I got into metal in 1982 all there was was hardrock/metal. Today we got more sub-genres than is possible to keep track of. How do you attract the right kind of fans to your music?
-When you look to the Cover of our new Album and when you read the Titles of the songs you should know, that we play Classic Hard Rock. Besides of that I think, that we are also attractive for every open minded Metal-Fan as we can sound quite Heavy. Ok, if you are into Metalcore or Blackmetal, The Order might not fit your taste of music 100%, hehe…

You have named you latest album ?1986?. What was so great about that year?
-First of all, we named the album 1986 just because 1984 and 1987 were already taken by Van Halen and Whitesnake, haha… We are all big fans of that 1980es Metal/Hardrock and we wanted to create an Album that keeps the spirit of the 1980es alive. 1986 was a great year for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, a lot of great albums came out then, just think of „Master of Puppets“, „Turbo Lover“, „Reign in Blood“ or „Slippery when Whet“. We just found that the title would match perfectly the Songs.

This is your fourth album. Do you see that with each new album you take a step or two forward?
-Musically, we took at least four steps backwards – back to the 80ies! Seriousely: Every Album was a important step for us. On the first Album, we tried to find our style and experienced with a lot of metal influences, the second album was already very focused on classic rock and with our new album we definitively found our style.

How would you like to rate the progress you?ve gone through with each new album?
Well, we don’t realy worry about that progress. It was always a total natural progress from album to album. We didn’t plan to sound more retro with each album, it just happened. We just want to play that kind of music we like to listen to and that’s all.

When do you know it is time to start on a new album? How do you know that you?ve promoted everything out of the previous album?
-As you might know, our last Album – Rockwolf – was released in autumn 2009. Quite a long time between the previous and the new album. So we started with the songwriting in Spring 2010 and we finished the recordings in December 2011. The Mix was done between January and February 2012.

What can you as a band do to make sure that the new album will be a greater success than the previous one? How much does luck play a part in the success?
-Of course we always try to do everything a bit better than the last time, we work hard on our songs and our performances, but all in all its mostly a matter of luck. Do the Fans like the stuff? Does the press like it? Is it zeitgeistly? Do you have the necessary support of the label? I don’t think that you can really control all those facts. Even if you can, its no guarantee to be successful.

What do you consider to be success?
-Nothing. We just play the music we love and we release albums.

Switzerland might not be the greatest country for hardrock/metal. What kind of reactions have you had to your music from the national hardrock/metal fans?
-We got a lot of great feedback from all around the world and especially from Switzerland. For the first time in our career we even hit the official Swiss Album charts. We played some great Shows here and it seems, that people like what we do. The fact, that the new album sells good and a lot of people come to our concert shows, that we are on the right way.

When you start a band, with what intentions do you do it? What is it that drives you to want to play in a band?
-The most important thing for me is to play music together with good friends. Tschibu (Drummer), Andrej (Bassplayer) and I play together since over 20 Years now, Gianni (Singer) is in the band since seven Years. This does only work, if you respect and like each other. For me, this is more important than commercial success. I am completely happy whit the Situation, I think it’s a great gift.

What would a perfect future entail?
-I hope that the band stay together as long as possible. I am happy, if we can continue playing Shows and recording Albums. That’s all I want.

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