This is another Swedish band that I had no idea existed. Now that I know of their existence an interview with THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP seemed in place. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

I’m not sure if I’ve gotten it correctly but you did release records under the DEATHTRIP moniker before and now you do so under the THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP. Could you tell somebody like me that weren’t around the first time what the difference is?
– No, not under the moniker DEATHTRIP, but three albums, “Dödsångest”, “Temple of Whores” and “Worship the Soul of Disgust, was released under the moniker FLESH. It started out in 2001 as a solo project, and it is still a solo project. As I only would do music for this solo project from now on and not for past bands like DECEIVER, THROWN or MAZE OF TORMENT it came natural for me to get a more “personal” name. But for me, FLESH and THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP is the same thing, it has just progressed. Now I use anything I want, no genre thinking at all, as long as it serves its purpose and atmosphere for the song.

How do you come up with the concept that is the band? What kind of interest has shaped the way the band looks and sound?
– The idea to it was already laid during my last years in MAZE OF TORMENT. But the day Chuck/DEATH died I decided to really do it. He has always been a big influence to me, not just when it comes to the music, as a person as well. Just follow what you want to do and don´t give a shit what others think. Persons like Chuck have always got me inspired, what ever they do, writers, painters, artist etc. That not always follow the stream. Then I follow my own paths to get it more personal and it get a bit more darker approch, if you now would call it that. So, the whole idea with this is to follow exactly what I want to do.

Would you say that there is a difference to how you are being accepted when you come from Sweden?
– I don´t really know, even if I know what you are looking for with the question.. I just trying to do my own thing. I feel alot more connected with bands and persons from, let say, South America.

How tough is it to stand out among thousands of death metal bands worldwide? What do you have to have to make it?
– Well, I never think in those patterns. I can´t control what people want or their taste. I don´t do music with the attitude that I will domiate the world. I don´t even now if I have an record deal for a next album release. The red pattern through all reviews and feed-back from people who have got the album is that the album and tracks have something own over it, a personal toch, an honest approch and atmosphere that speaks of integrity, and that is the most important thing for me. Truly speaking, I don´t know how to grade success.

Is playing metal a way to make a career out of it? What is it that keeps you guys doing this year after year?
– First of all, doing music have never been or will never be just an hobby for me, even if I can´t live finacially of it. Music for me is all my ways of e_xpressions. It´s alot more for me then just to label it as Swedish Death / Black / Thrash Metal. Even if I understand that most people just see it as that. To be creative is everything for me. If I get a bad review saying that the album is crap or just another album from Sweden, I NEVER get mad or reflect that I suck. If I was trying and thinking about doing a career out of this, then, I would care about that. I would do music even if I diden´t have any record deal, I must do songs as I awlays hear them in my head, that is whats make me going on year after year.

What has been the greatest reward so far doing what you guys do? What would make you quit for good?
– One of the thing is the one I mention earlier, the red pattern. That some really have listen to the album and captured the different atmospheres, vibes and moods. That I try to reflect on different contrasts and feelings.That I have succeed in taking in alot of different influences and done something own out of it. Simply that people have taken the time to listen to it, that´s an reward for me. If you are just into pure Death or Black Metal or any other kind of genre then this album is nothing for you. Nothing would make me quit doing music or be creative.

Is it important to look the part, to stand out from all the jeans and sneakers kind of bands?
– This is totally out of my interest or intelligence. I do music, not a fashion show.

How do you find the right kind of people to work with helping you realize your vision?
– Loyailty and the understanding for things that people normaly not dig into. If you have lived with a silver spoon in your mouth your whole life then you will not understand alot of the stuff I try to express.

How well does your sound fit a live environment? How different is it playing live and how does the vision of the band come to life on stage?
– I have not played live with T.P.F.D.T yet. If it will happens, I´m sure it will fit perfect for an live situation.

What would you like for the future to bring?
– Keep developing me as a song writer. Finding new ways to different expressions where I have not been yet, but still having the ground from my past. Small details will always make a change in the big picture.

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