I could see the THE STOMPCRASH having a crossover potential. Especially in this day and age where boundaries seem to be more lose than ever. For that reason alone I had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

How do you take literature into music? What is it that you focus on in the literature that you can transform into music?
Chris: I read a lot of books, I love every kind of books that give me emotions, no matter of the author, the historic period or genre but I have to say that books written in the late XIX century and in the first part of the XX, have something more for me, authors like Wilde, Poe and Lovecraft remain my favorite but also an author like Dick can excite me and bring me to write lyrics. The focus is more on the atmosphere than on the story, we always try to reproduce the images, the sounds, the scents that come from book’s pages.

How different is the first album to the second one? What kind of progress have you gone through?
Chris: I think the new album “Directions” has a more conscious sound, we changed our writing and we have moved on new unexplored, for us, territories.
Musically speaking Dani has the main parts of the songs, it?s more melodic and based on keyboards parts, I wrote the lyrics and sing almost all the songs.
A characteristic is that the sound vary from song to song, you can find different genres and different stylistic undertones
but overall you can always recognize The Stompcrash style.This new album is more emotional than the first, maybe because there are our personal changes inside in the four years passed from “Requiem Rosa”. It?s a romantic album, full of stories and atmospheres coming from literature, history and personal experiences.Another thing is about the recording quality, the first album was mainly recorded in our home studio and then mixed in a professional studio, this new album was totally recorded and mixed in a professional studio so the sound is more clear and more adapt to be played in a club.

Do you feel that you have a crossover potential to get a following both in the metal scene as well as the dark wave/electro scene?
Chris: We don’t have the typical metal sound, we don’t have muscle guitars and a thunderous drums so I don’t know if we can be potentially liked by a metal fan. We are more oriented to an eighties sound, we are still inspired by bands of that period from The Cure and Bauhaus to Depeche Mode and Simple Minds but we are also listener of many metal bands. I think there are many points of contacts between darkwave/gothic and metal so probably we have many fans that love both genre.

Do you feel that you fit in in different genres of music? Where do you fit in in the global music scene?
Chris: As you can hear on our new album “Directions” you can find that every song have a different approach and could be part of another genre. We like to try to not repeat ourselves, we always try to explore new sounds and we don’t want to be labelled only as a darkwave band. We have a very heterogeneous fans and we like that.

We’ve heard of Italo disco. We know of Italian progressive metal. What kind of darkwave/electro is there in Italy?
Chris: There are many darkwave and gothic bands in Italy, the movement is alive and kicking and there are many dark and gothic events every week.
In Italy the dark bands are more oriented on postpunk and ebm mainly but I think we are far away compared to Germany and Uk.

What kind of following do you have in Italy? Where have you had the greatest response so far?
Chris: We experienced that our kind of music is better received abroad instead in Italy, it’s not simple to do a good gig in Italy. Consideration and support for the band is frequently better outside Italy, it’s a fact. The majority of our fans are based in the north and east of Europe so our wish is to play there in the next months.

What was the intention of forming the band in the first place?
Chris: The band born by a casuality, a chance encounter, just following the love for a kind of music and for great band like The Cure and Depeche Mode and we decided to give real expression to our creativity through the music.
In these 10 years we made 2 albums, some compilations around Europe and many many live gigs, I think we are grown but we have more to do ad to say.

When you write songs do you go through some sort of process? How hard is it to come up with new stuff that is better than the old one?
Chris: Dani and I usually write songs together, in this album I was more focused in writing lyrics and Dani concentrated herself in creating melodies, after that we dedicate other time to complete the construction of whole song and then Diego and Grace put their personal touch.This new records contains songs written in four year and chosen between 20 songs. For this record we have have recorded all the 20 songs in our home studio producing a demo records from what we have selected 12 song that we have re-recorded in the studio. Sometimes it’s not hard to come up with a song but some songs could be very difficult to complete and take some time before to come up in their final version. We never know if the new stuff is better than the old one we discover that only playing the new songs live.

Is there a dress code to the band The Stompcrash? How important is image to the band?
Chris: The image is very important for every band, we are still working on it and trying every time to find something that are comfortable with what we play and with what we are in that specific moment. There just one dress code: black!

What future do you see for The Stompcrash?
Chris: In these 4 years from the last record “Requiem Rosa” we have written a lot and now we have many new songs. Soon will be a new professional videoclip and maybe a new EP or album. Next spring we will play at two international festivals one in Munich one in Austria. I wish there will be the chance to play live for every people wants to ear us. Step by step the band is grown, until now was a walk I hope the band will start to run! We will not wait four years anymore for our third album!

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