I like this whole goth metal thing. Have ever since I discovered Theatre Of Tragedy. Canadian THE BECKONING (not that they per se are a typical goth metal band) are one of the better bands that I’ve come upon lately. Anders Ekdahl @2011

I know very little about The Beckoning. What’s the story behind the band?
-Meghann and I (Roy) have been married for 13 years and involved in various musical projects for about the last 20 years. It was a just a few years ago we decided to join our efforts and decided to make some music together. We released our first demo last year titled “Bloodlet” and it did pretty good for us as far as getting word out about the band a bit. We have been on 4 compilations and both of the songs on that demo were in the top five at the same time for the Metal charts at when it first came out. Our song “Bloodlet” was #1 and “An Omen In The Dark” was # 5.We currently reside in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada where there is pretty much no Metal scene so we’re kind of on our own here:)

Is “Demystifying The Oracle” your first album? What prompted you to release it as a digital only release?
Yes, it’s our first album. We were fairly undecided for quite some time about how we were gonna release it, but we simply got tired of waiting and that pretty much prompted the decision to release it on digital. We would have had to put out more money up front and deal with a lot of headaches to release it on hard copy and we just wanted to get the album out there.

In releasing the album on your own don’t you limit yourself in the distribution of it? What major channels are there to distribute digitally?
-I’m not really sure what major channels there are for digital distribution but I guess there are pros and cons to doing it either way. If it’s released independently on digital it can get around the world really fast and we have total control over it, but if we were to release it on hard copy and go through a decent distributor then we would be marketed by someone who would have their foot already in the door and it wouldn’t be so hard to get our music heard.

When you do a release digitally how do you approach the whole thing with art work, booklet and band photos?
-In that way I don’t think it really differs from a hard copy, the front and back cover can be downloaded along with the album. If we eventually release it on hard copy though we do plan on having some nice photos and artwork inside the jacket.

To my ears there is a greater concept behind the album. Am I right and what is it?
-Indeed there is. While I wouldn’t necessarily say “Demystifying The Oracle” is a concept album per say, there is most definitely a common theme throughout the album. The two angles that the lyrics come from are either prophetic or personal, and sometimes both, with songs actually having a double meaning. The prophetic side of the album comes from the Bible and explores the different symbols and mysteries of old testament messianic prophecies and parallels them with the life, death and resurrection of Christ, while the personal side involves probing and a quest for truth .The album draws to its conclusion with the song “An Omen In The Dark” which actually mixes my personal experience of seeking truth with the biblical theology of what Christ did at the cross. It was intentionally written so that a person could interpret it either way because the two perspectives both find their conclusion in the one person, the person of Jesus Christ.

What made you want to do an album like “Demystifying The Oracle”? What influenced you in writing the album, both musically as well as lyrically?
-I think both musically and lyrically it just kind of flows. We have to inspired, and everything we write, whether lyrically or musically is something we strongly believe in.

How do you gather all the necessary musicians to pull through a project like this? What kind of budget for studio time did you have?
-We have a very limited budget, but thankfully, we know a few musicians who were able to help us out on guitars and bass. Through the time of recording the album we didn’t have a permanent guitarist or bass player, but now we do. I’m quite confident this will make things smoother for the next time we do this.

Now that the album is out and reviews are starting to drop in what work is there left now?
-Marketing the album as best as possible.

How do you promote it the best way in order for it to reach the maximum of people interested in the music?
-There’s been some trial and error with that, and to tell you the truth it’s been hard nailing down what kind of music fans like our stuff the most. We’ve gotten some really positive response from people we didn’t think would like it at all….We’re still figuring that one out.

Once people heard the album they want to see you live too. If you were to take it to the stage what would it require to make the album justice?
Another guitarist, another keyboard player, a bass player of course, and I would want someone to take over the drums so I could be out front. I also think a good light show with some theatrical dynamics would work well with us.

What will the future bring with it for The Beckoning?
-Now that we have a permanent third member to take over guitar and bass duties we are really looking forward to taking it to the next level musically. We hope to have an EP release in 2012, and from there we’ll see where it goes.

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