With so many cool bands out there to check out I offer you some minor guidance by introducing you to THOMAS V JÄGER. Anders Ekdahl ©2020

What is the idea behind your solo album?
-I had a bunch of songs that didn’t really fit anywhere so I decided to do a solo album.

I wanted to start a band in the 80s but couldn’t fin d the right people to do so with. What was it that made you want to do the band?
-Guitars looked really cool. I bought a guitar when I was 12 and I haven’t looked back since.

Is it necessary to label music? How would you describe the sound on your album?
-Sometimes I guess it is. I don’t have the need to label music. I have no idea how to label my music. I mean for Monolord I say we play slow and heavy rock. Regarding my solo album, I really don’t know.

How do you arrange the tracks? Is there a method to how you arrange the songs on a record?
-I think it is pretty easy to arrange the tracks. Don’t know if I have a method. I mostly go on gut feelings.

I am fascinated by how people can still come up with things that hasn’t been done before, chord structures that hasn’t been written, sentences that hasn’t been constructed before. Where do you find your inspiration to create?
-Creating music is fun. That is the main reason for me. To watch a riff or a song grow from a simple idea is really inspiring.

How important is the graphic side? How much thought goes into art work etc.?
-For Monolord it is a mutual decision between all of us. For my solo record I just wanted to do something that was easy and simple. There is more work with the artwork on a Monolord album compared to my solo album.

I get the feeling that more and more fans are just downloading single tracks. Is the album as relevant today as it was in the 70s and 80s? Is digital killing the album?
-I thought this was discussed a long time ago when Napster started to get big? I didn’t think this was an issue anymore. Anyways, times are changing and we all have to change with it. We will at least not stop doing albums.

Are we killing our beloved metal scene by supporting digital downloading or can anything positive come from supporting single tracks and not albums? Will the fan as we know him/her be gone soon?
-One thing doesn’t have to rule out another. If you buy music (digital or physical) you support bands. If you download it without paying, you don’t support bands. It is up to you what you wanna do.

Is there a scene to speak of? Where do you fit in?
-Monolord? Solorecord?
Monolord is a part of the heavy rock/stoner/doom scene or whatever you wanna call it. For my solo recordings, I have no idea if I am a part of a scene or not. I guess it will be more or less the same people listening but since it is a lot softer, I have no idea where this is gonna end up.

What does the future hold?
-Now with the pandemic spreading world wide, I have no idea. I will continue making music forever and ever.

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