German black metal might still be underground compared to the Norwegian or Swedish but there are and have been some really great German BM acts, like THORNGOTH. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

You got both thorn and goth in your band name. Is that a good combination of words for an extreme metal band?
-For an English native speaker the name seems to be a combination of thorns and gothic, but it means actually “the horned enemy” in Tolkien’s Sindar language. We are aware that most English speaking people don’t know that. Many metal bands, particularly black metal bands, have strange names. Our band name, however, has also a meaning in English, and that’s not always beneficial, to be honest.

How do you find a style that is all your own? Where have you drawn your greatest inspiration from?
-Every band in the world is influenced by other bands or something else. But it’s important how you interpret those influences to find an own style. We can’t name bands as our greatest inspiration, because there are many that might have inspired us. Generally, scandinavian extreme metal bands may be a great inspiration to us.

How much time and effort do you spend on the band to get everything to look and sound the right way?
-We work on that until all of us are satisfied with the result. This could last between a couple of months and a year, in regards the sound of a recording. We also spent some weeks to get a suitable look for the album cover.

How tough is it to find the right kind of people to help realize your ideas of how things should look and sound like?
-Concerning the recording of the album we didn’t have to find people to realize our ideas, because we did everything by our own. For the artwork we had someone in our circle of acquaintances who did that for us.

When you release a record how much attention do you pay to things like track order, lay out and art work? How planned is everything?
-The track order is important to us. The songs must be in the right order to create the intended atmosphere. When all songs are composed, we let the songs affect us and then we decide, in which order they have to be. Layout and artwork are also important to give an album the impression of a complete work. These optical things are planned while we’re finishing the audio recording.
Once you have released a record how do you deal with the fact that from now on things are out of your control? You can’t control if people will like it. You can’t control how people experience the music etc.
-As a musician, you have to cope with that. Of course we are interested if people like our album or not, but in either way we make music that we like. You never can please everyone, but it’s enough when we are satisfied with our own music.

How do you take your music to the stage? Is it important that the back drop matches the music or can you go on stage in your everyday wear?
-On stage we are wearing nearly the same clothes as every metal head in the extreme metal scene. For future shows we have some stage clothes, which you’ll see on the next shows. Further, it depends on the mood whether or not we are wearing corpsepaint on stage.

What kind of live scene is there for a band like THORNGOTH?
-We are playing only few shows in a year. We’ve never been on tour and have played only shows in Germany and Austria so far. But if any concert organizer is interested to book us, feel free to contact us!

How important is playing live as a promotion tool? Is it worth it if you can’t do it the way you like?
-Playing live is one of the most important promotion tools, for sure. Only a few songs we can’t perform the way it should be, but the most of our songs we can perform the way we like. So it is worth it in the most cases.

What plans do you have for the future?
-We’re looking for some live shows to perform the songs of SCHWARZ-KARG-KALT live. Then, in a year or two, we’re writing on the next album, I guess.

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