THOUSAND YEAR WAR is a band that deserves to be noticed. Start with reading this interview and then go and check out their music if you haven’t done so already. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

What have you been up to since the release of your album on Abyss Records?
-Since the release there have been fairly drastic changes to the band itself. I removed the other member kellen from the band, and proceeded to finish the EP Kingdom of America that was in the works. I also stopped working with Abyss Records and decided to self release the ep and relocated to Northern California.

How much of a touring entity has THOUSAND YEAR WAR been so far? How different is the band in a live environment?
It has not been a live entity. TYW will be studio until the right kind of opportunity arises.

You have a new record out now that you release on your own. What prompted this move?
I really got sick of being reliant on finances from a label that were supposed to be provided but not coming through so I decided to rely on myself rather than someone else. I still want a label to do a physical release but I will not be working with Abyss again.

As we live in age of digital releases how have that changed the way of looking at how you release records? Are they still records if they are digital?
I am not a fan of this digital age, and not really excited about how this new ep is just digital right now. It doesn’t seem real in a way. It’s important to have some sort of physical copy to really draw substance from an artistic effort.

I’m a cover art buff. I love the covers of the 80s, the big and bold and where loads of things happen in the details. How important is art work today?
-I am obsessed with covers and logos. Especially artwork non-digital. In metal I believe the cover holds a significant importance to an album. Today it is overlooked as well as the lyrics. Which makes it ostensibly shown how meaningless the artwork is to fans in this digital age. Sad.

Does it matter how a band looks in the promo shoots? Is image a big thing for the band?
-Well, I think many promo shots help give an atmosphere, mystery, and sometimes a message. Perfect example is my promo shot where I am covered in blood holding the American flags. The message is poignant and aggressive, in which I believe our values here are founded in the blood of others.

How does this new recording follow your progression line? Where does it fit in the bigger picture of the band?
-This is kind of like a transitional recording and a statement saying that TYW is here to stay and not just another cookie cutter mdm band. I strive to create art and original compositions full of emotion and a solid lyrical foundation. This recording is going to lead to a more black metal effort on my next full length I am working on. Its also more aggressive and in your face.

When you released your previous album Swedish death metal was often mentioned in the same sentence as the band’s name. What about today? How much Swedish death metal is there in the sound?
-No much. I am really breaking away from that. Personally, I have always enjoyed black metal more than any other genre in metal. Also a big punk fan so I am sort of getting away from the swedish death metal. I know it will lose some peoples interest, as it already has, but I am being true to what I really desire to compose. TYW is also gaining a much different fan base which is fine.

How well received has the band been so far and how does the reactions match your expectations?
-There has been lots of great praise and also some disdain for the sound. This is something I expected. I wasn’t going after a top notch production which has been disappointing for some, but that’s what I wanted; a raw nasty in your face sound!

What does the future hold for the band?
Right now I am working on a full length “Unmarked Grave” which I hope to record this winter . Its going to be a whole new experience as I am writing everything to drums instead of basing it all on the guitars. Having lots of fun playing and writing in this way. The album will have lots of power and of course scathing lyrics. I really appreciate your support from battlehelm on this recording and of course “Tyrants and Men”

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