Still to this day bands like Saxon, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden rules the earth I walk on. Which is why I like THRILL WARRIORS . Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How serious are we to take a band by the name of THRILL WARRIORS?
– Just as serious as you’d take a band by the name of… well, for instance ‘JUDAS PRIEST’

In the 80s there used to be a British phenomenon of hilarious metal acts like Metal Duck and Lawnmower Deth. Do you follow in that tradition?
– Not our cup of black coffee, but I guess that needs to exist as well… So no, we’re not a comedy act.

Has humour in metal been lost? Is humour in metal important?
– You gotta be able to laugh when you make mistakes, trip on stage, etc. But our view is that while you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously you should still take your music seriously.

What made you take photos wearing moustaches? Are you ashamed of who you are or are your identities a secret?
– Initially there were many reasons for the moustaches, however none of them having anything to do with us being ashamed of who we are. Our identities are not secret and we’re very happy being women. Basically, what is all comes down to is that moustaches are cool! … And yeah, ok, we’re sick of being called a “girl band” because it says nothing of our music, just the gender of the members of the band… We’re a heavy metal band, not a “girl band”. So the moustaches were a “fuck you!” to all of that.

What does it mean to a band’s popularity to be featured on a magazine CD? Do you notice an increase in interest?
– Actually, we thought we’d notice a bigger difference than we did but we’ve recieved some rather good feedback on the song. It’s the greatest feeling when people tell you they like what you do.

What would you say has been your greatest inspiration/influence?
– Musically, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath are our greatest influences and when it comes to being inspired some might be surprised by what some red wine can do for the creativity glands.

Where would you like to see the band go? How much are you prepared to sacrifice to make this band happen?
– “In for the kill, in for the thrill” are not just lyrics – we’re in it to win it. We’ll take this as far as we can without having to compromise our vision.

Sweden doesn’t have a great tradition of cool places to play live if you are a smaller band. Is it worth it playing live in Sweden or should you go for Germany and Europe straight away?
– We’ve actually never been outside of Sweden so we’re not the band to answer this question properly, but there are some pretty neat places in Sweden too. However, friends of ours that have been in europe keep praising Germany and we’re counting on going there sooner or later.
On a sidenote, our main fanbase (outside of Sweden) seems to be from South america actually. So who knows, maybe we’ll play in Brazil before we get to Germany 😉

How do you best promote a band if you are in the starting grid getting ready to take the world by storm?
– We’re lucky to have started during the glory days of myspace. That was a brilliant website for small bands to get their music out there, but it’s completely dead nowadays. Sure, we’ve facebook (and soundcloud, and bandcamp, and, and… ad infinitum) but it ain’t the same… I really recommend subscribing to Bob Lefsetz newsletter – he knows the industry and he’s got loads and loads of tips for small bands and artists who wish to “make it” in the business. There’s no quick tip for instant success, I’m afraid.

What plans do you have for the future?
– We’re currently working on some new material and have been discussing starting to work on a debut album – we finally feel somewhat ready for it now, hehe!
But before that we’ll be releasing a demo that we recorded last year. The song ‘Devil’s Chord’ – which can be found on our bandcamp for free download – will be on it and is, in fact, the title track.
And of course: play as many live gigs as possible! That’s the best part of playing in a band after all.

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