My memory tells me that I have not heard of THRONE OF HERESY before even though they are not actually new to the scene. Answers by Thomas Clifford Anders Ekdahl ©2018

What pressure is there in releasing an album compared to a demo? Do you feel that there is a sort of pressure to succeed when you release and album, that it sorta is for real now?
-I think even on the “demo” stage we decided to go all out and recorded the first self-released album in renowned Studio Abyss. Our following EP was also a serious thing for us where we even made proper physical digipaks with art by Mattias Frisk etc. So in that aspect there’s no real difference. But for our second and third albums there has been a label which makes you a bit more responsible to someone else. The label invests their time and money in you as an artist so it’s no more than fair that you want to deliver something in return.

When you release a record of any sort what kind of expectations do you have on it? Do you set up goals for it?
-Make it better than the last one. It might sound like a big goal, but if you just make worse stuff, then why release it at all?

When you release an album and you go out and play live and people know your songs, how weird is that? That people know what you have written on your own?
-It’s good to know you have a few fans in the audience of course. But it’s not that weird to be honest. People come out to hear music they like, right?

Do you feel that you have to follow in the footsteps of the last album for a new when it comes to lyrics and art work for everything so that those that bought the previous record will recognize your sound?
-No, not at all. Though we have our sound but it is based more on the fact that this is what we know how to do than any thought of what it “should” sound like. I think our next album will be something quite different, though time will tell.

Do you feel like you are a part of a greater community because you play in a band?
-Well yeah but it is a community of metalheads and music lovers. I was part of that community long before I started playing music. The advantage of being in a band is that I get out to shows more than I would have otherwise.

How hard/easy is it to come up with new songs that that still are you but doesn’t sound like anything you’ve already written?
-We’re only on our third album so we haven’t really gotten to the end of the road yet. So it’s not that hard right now. We’re still evolving and I hope that doesn’t stop. Music shouldn’t be static. If we get to that point I’m out.

What influences/inspires you today? Where do you draw inspiration from? Is it important to have some sort of message?
-I’ve never been into political music to be honest. I can see where it fits into society, but for me music is a haven from all the mundane and worldly things. I do enjoy more philosophical lyrics however. My inspiration comes from books I read or ideas I pick up along the road. Nothing fancy. For me, the music is the message.

We hear about what state the record industry is in. Then we hear that cd sales are increasing. As a band that releases records do you notice the state the industry is in?
-Yeah it’s impossible to make a living out of it unless you’re really devoted to your music career, and lucky. But we never set out to make a living from music. I think if it ever became “work” I would become tired of it. Like I stated before – music is a refuge from the mundane.

What is your opinion on digital verses physical?
-I love both. The accessibility of digital is unbeatable. Yet the possibility of sitting down with a vinyl, seeing all the detail that has gone into the art, lyrics, layout etc is great. Everyone goes on about how bad things are in the music industry these days but I think we’ve never had it so good before. Anyone can make music for a dime and reach audiences worldwide. And as a consumer everything’s available at your fingertips. Only the old dragons suffer because their business models are out of date.

What lies in the future?
-Death. And metal.

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