I am not much of a sludge aficionado but once I come upon it I find myself liking it. Which is waht I did with Italian THRONE. Anders Ekdahl

Where does one get the idea to play sludge/doom/whatever?
-It came naturally, of course we all have a southern metal heart. For sure we don’t belong to any doom scene.

What would you say are your main influences in creating the sound that you have?
-Main influences are around southern sound, like Down, Clutch and Crowbar. When we write fast and powerful licks we get inspired mainly by Superjoint Ritual, Lamb of God and Municipal Waste. We also dig some stoner tunes like Red Fang or Pelican. But we never forgetting about to be ourselves as Throne.

Is there a sludge/doom scene to speak of? Where does the best bands come from?
-If you mean it locally, theres’s no better place as our plains to play gloomy tunes. We come from pianura padana, surrounded by fog almost whole year, near the big river Po. That’s what we are.

To my ears what you play is very British in sound and spirit, very punkish and anarchistic. How much of that whole anarcho thing have you adapted to?
-Do you think so? We never thought about to sound like this. British bands has always been more extreme in everything, so we agree with it. There’s a lot to learn from the ever gigging punk/hardcore lesson.

Do you feel that you are appreciated in Italy? Does people like and understand what you are doing?
-Nope, most of the common people here loves lame music like Vasco Rossi’s shit. So it’s common for us to relate with people that at least knows Black Sabbath ’cause they heard them at the movies soundtracks.

What I find strange is that when I interview Italian bands they all say that the support for metal is bad yet we see more and more bands and labels popping up in Italy. How bad is the support for metal really?
-Ain’t that bad really, but there’s a lot to do about underground culture in metal. There are many underground bands like us with goodwill and talent, as well small hard working venues here and there surviving. This could be the right support, except for this lack in culture by the people we said before.

How pleasing is it to have an album out? How much hard work was it to complete your latest release?
-It was a hard work but for sure pleasant. We all love this life. Recording and mixing took time but we did it with enthusiasm. First time we listened to our work completed, we were high, boozed down in a small cellar, like possessed, enjoying the moment.

What kind of reactions have you had to the album so far? Can you see any particular countries where you do better than others?
-We haven’t toured that much yet, but we are conscious that we are tight enough to succeed, and work it out. So far we had much better feedback from aboard!

What kind of live scene are you part of? Are there still a lot of independent places to play all over Europe?
-We are part of any live scene that is real, so we hope there will be many live clubs around Europe to tour at. We dig any live act where audience and the band can have a direct contact.

What future would you like to see for the band?
-We’d like to live in a future with Throne playing eight days a week.

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