THRUDVANGAR might be a strange name to pronounce but the music is easier to understand. Read this interview with Christian to get you started. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Let’s start with the name. THRUDVANGAR has to my ears an Icelandic ring to it. Where does it come from and what does it mean?
-It comes from the north Mythology and it´s the home of the thundergod Thor. It´s called “Land of Strength”.

Your sound is being described as Viking metal but to me that is Bathory and you guys sound nothing like that. What is Viking metal and how does it differ from black or death metal?
-We haven’t give us this name to our banner, it´s only called from magazines and his writers. We don’t know how to sound the Viking metal, is it Death metal with lyrics on this or Black metal with this theme? Everyone have a own interpretation to this. We say always “ We playing metal” .

Is it important that you metal has a name? Isn’t it enough to just be metal?
-How I said, No. We don’t need any subgenres.

I remember a time when you as a demo band had to settle for a 4 track porta studio to record. Nowadays even the tiniest demo sounds like it was recorded with a million bucks. How do you know where to go to get the best possible sound? How much of a gamble is it to enter a studio?
-We are on the lucky side that we have our own little studio where we have recorded all of our cd´s. But the most of bands I know going this way today. It is not only the money to do this, it is also the time you can take for this. But, yes it´s right, You can bring a lot of money the a very good studio today.

When you play the kind of metal that you do how important is the graphic side? Does it have to show what your music is about?
-For me: not so much. That is the only thing where I have nothing to do with this. But I think there some layouts where you know which band it is, that’s cool but not important me.

What kind of lyrical themes are you dealing with? How important are the lyrics and how do they work with the music?
-Our theme is the north mythologie, I think that the way while the people are call it viking metal.

Why is that German bands are so fascinated by winter and snow? I’ve come upon numerous bands that either have something about frost or winter in their names or in the titles of their records.
-I would say the most bands with this titles are black metal. It´s cold and dark in winter, the right time for this music to get this drive all around.

When you promote an album what is the most important thing to remember? How do you get people interested in your metal?
-Playing live is the best way to promote your album. Today you have the chance with the internet,Facebook and so on.But young bands today forget this. They recorded a cd and they are happy about this and they wondering why nobody knows the band. That the wrong way I think.

What kind of scene is there for the kind of metal that you play both in Germany but also in the rest of the World?
-We have different Peoples in front of stages. There are fans of Black metal and Death metal and peoples they never heard metal before. That is great and I hope it will so go on anywhere we play.

How does the future look for THRUDVANGAR?
-We don’t know it, but I hope that we can play together in the future like in the past and that we came a little bit around

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