THUNDER AND LIGHTNING came out of nowhere but hit me straight between the eyes. If you can’t trust anybody you can always trust the German metal bands to be true. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

When I saw your band name I immediately came to think of Thin Lizzy’s last album. Where did the idea for the band name come from?
-I know it looks somewhat obvious that our name comes from the Thin Lizzy album, but the fact is, that it very little to do with that. Aside from ?The Boys Are Back In Town?, which is kind of the blueprint for the typical harmony guitar parts in many metalsongs, I really don’t listen to the band to be honest. The name Thunder And Lightning is a lyrical phrase that very often pops up in metal songs I like to listen to, like ?Beyond The Black Hole? by Gamma Ray or Accept’s ?Thunder And Lightning?, so it just seemed to fit our style of music very well.

The German metal scene has always been good. How do you feel that you can best benefit from it in furthering the band’s name?
-I agree, it has always been strong. The problem today is that there way to many bands for too few concerts. You always are up against an army of bands that you have to compete for slot on festivals. And many times that leads to a situation where very few bands help each other out, and that is sad in my opinion.

What would you say has been the single most important factor in shaping the band’s sound?
-Playing good equals a good sound, nothing less, nothing more.

What kind of status does heavy metal have in Germany today? How trend sensitive are the German metal audience? How much outside influence is there from the American bands?
-I’m getting kind of confused from time to time how sensitive the scene is. I mean there was a time 10 years ago where every Helloween-like band was called a clone, and not original enough. Today everybody is getting excited when an assload of retrometal bands comes around, who aren’t doing anything new either, funny sometimes. If American bands are influencing the scene is hard to tell, they are influencing myself a lot, I really love the newer Machine Head stuff and our other guitarist Benny is a big Dream Theater follower.

What kind of responses have you had so far to the ?Dimension? album? Have you noticed that it fairs better in certain parts or the world?
-Great response from everywhere in the world. We even sold copies to Japan, Australia and Russia. There were no real placed where it did particularly.

How satisfied are you with the album now that some time has passed since it was released?
-The press liked it, the fans liked it, and we too. Our record company’s work was a little let down, to be honest. They had a booking agency connected to them, and they said, well if you guys stay active and book shows yourself, it will be easier for us to book shows for you. We said, ok fair enough. So we booked 20 shows ourselves, they booked one, which was an epic fail financially and didn’t get us anywhere, you do the math. There was a support show in Berlin which they offered us. No money, no real headliner in a restaurant basement. Awesome, we bring the fans in our hometown, don’t get paid anything and the other guys are having the benefits. You know what, we are better off booking stuff for ourselves, haha…

How do you find the inspiration to keep promoting the band even though the latest album is rather old?
-We are recording a new album a the moment, so we thought it may be a good idea to send out a couple of promos for last ones to get some people interested beforehand.

What ways are the best today in promoting a band? What role do the social media play? Has playing live lost some of its pulling potential?
-Social media is very important today, if you are not present, other bands get far more recognition. Since most of it is free, why not use these tools. Live concerts still gather the most interest in band.
They are the number one selling point for cds also.

What will the future see for Thunder And Lightning?
-The new album will be calling ”In Charge Of The Scythe” and will be release hopefully in the first half of 2013. Check our Facebookpage ( for updates, the first studio-dairies will be uploaded to our youtube-channel as well. Stay tuned, it will be awesome!

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