THUNDEKRAFT is a force to reckon with. Mixing black metal with industrial they come up with something different. Interview with Master Alafern. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

How do you go about figuring out that you want to mix metal with industrial with folk in order to form Thunderkraft?
-Various trends of heavy music intertwine in our music. Spacious minds and different preferences in music of the band members led to such diversity of styles in our music, but I am sure that the stuff is listened like conceptually-bound product that has its own, peculiar signature. Moreover, during the creation of our music the styles are not mixed intentionally. Music is born in the soul of each of us. The result is the symbiosis of moods and inner experiences which are mixed with the music preferences and creative impulses.

From the moment I saw the name Thunderkraft it made me think of comics like Transformers or Judge Dredd. How important was the concept behind the image when you started?
-At the time when we created our band, slightly different name came up. But in the end as a result of multiple cogitations, comparisons of styles, concept and the old name, we came to the transformation of the present name. We seek to ensure that the name of our band reflects most accurately the essence of our music, our inner feelings and worldview. Well, what about your humorous associations, I will dare to “upset” you that our name has nothing to do with comics. Moreover, at the time of our youth when all children are interested in comics and superheroes in our country was no hint to such things. After school all children went to the Palaces of Pioneers and were engaged in various services clubs like airclubs, radio construction and radio communications clubs, racing and motocross and other sports activities such as karate, judo. It was no time for Transformers and Batm?n after all these hobbies. Even if there was a time it were only three television channels which showed once a week a TV programme for kids called “Katrusin cinema” where were cartoons about a crocodile and incomprehensible big-eared animal, who were deceived by a cunning old woman with a rat. That`s why we had never heard before about any type of comics like Spiderman and Mickey Mouse.

When you come from a country that has no great metal history how do you go about finding the right kind of people who understand your vision? How much of a DIY ethic do you have to have in order to make it all happening?
-I dare to disagree with you about the fact that our country has no great metal history. People`s craving for heavy music has been and hopefully will always be very high in our country. Because in Soviet Union was a very strict censorship on the heavy music many bands played in basement s premises in order to avoid law enforcement pursuits. Because of these reasons the bands didn`t become famous throughout the country and worldwide. They weren`t shown on the TV or played on the radio. In addition our country had a complete absence of the commercial component of music those days, it concerned not only heavy music but also the rest music. You can`t become famous throughout the world without this. Often musicians didn`t have musical instruments of high quality, at the best it was a guitar called “Ural”, but frequently a musician had to saw out on his own a guitar from the old wardrobe, thanks to the knowledge obtained in the Palace of Pioneers had to construct stampbox, combo and keyboards. Also, many talented bands split-up or stopped their activity because of the absence of commercial receipts for their activities. Many musicians had to work on construction yards/facilities or elsewhere in order to provide themselves with musical instruments and make money for recordings and rehearsals. There are a lot of talented bands playing different styles and directions in our great land, but because of specified reasons, you have no idea about many of them and probably will never hear. Maybe because of that you have the opinion that our country has no great metal history.

What has the image of a band like Rammstein ment to the band?
-Our musical preferences have quite ancient roots, in those days no one has heard about the band gramstein in our country. Our characters had been growing and strengthening thanks to bands like Die Krupps, Laibach and we had tempered and established our musical tastes before we heard ramsteiner. But I heard this band two times, when I was riding in a bus on my way to work and once on the wedding of my neighbours. In my opinion it is high quality popular music that even an old lady from that wedding enjoyed it, I saw she was listening to warsteiner on her iPhone and it seemed that she was even dancing.

Where do you draw inspiration from when writing music and lyrics? Anything in particular in your native environment that inspires you to write the music/lyrics you play?
-When we compose our music we are inspired by almost everything. Every trifle or significant object may inspire us in equivalent degree. But at most we are inspired to write music by immensity of space with the size of neuron, that is so vast that fills with itself all the empty space inside the micron. There aren`t enough words to describe with one letter the whole might of information that has the size of one bit which exceeds the endless current of impulses, the whole optical fiber of our planet. We are inspired by gigantic might and indestructibility of microparticles.

How hard is it to find a label that can give you the support you need in order to bring to life the album you want to release?
-It is not an easy task. The search of any label always conjugates with some difficulties and hidden rocks. The way of material and further creative path of the band depend on label after all (many can shout that it is not like that – but it is a bullshit). In the case of Totentanz album everything was quite easy. We had recorded it before we arranged to cooperate with our new label. In other words at the time when we were in the studio, we did not have any contract. With the previous label was an agreement only to release our first album because of that we had to sponsor our record ourselves. Now the situation is different because we have the label and we hope for collaboration of high quality.

What is a live show with Thunderkraft like? What kind of stage show do you have?
We don’t often give live concerts, therefore it`s not necessary to talk about faery shows at this point. We have ideas and we are planning to realize our intentions in the nearest future.

If I say that you are kindred spirits of latter day Satarial what do you say about that? What bands do you feel a kinship with in today’s metal scene?
-Frankly speaking, I don`t keep a close eye on modern metal scene and therefore I haven`t even heard this band. I am a little concerned about the question with whom we may have some parallels. This is the prerogative of journalists and metal fans.

What is there to the title “Totentanz”? What does this German word mean to you?
The conception of the album is the idea of interaction between life and death. The culmination of this plot is the song that is called Totantanz. This, if I may say so, the peculiar picture, the vision that doesn`t have an exact delimitation in time and space. It is the past, the present and the future. It is a world both real and abstract, afterworld. In spite of the fact that the text has a semi-fantastic tint though it is dictated by our reality. It is like a dream which for all its mystic nature is the result of a human brain in the reality. Here is a rational and irrational commencement. Totentanz is the vision of fevered imagination that demonstrates to us our endless, graceful and sometimes wicked dancing with death.

Now that you’ve crossed the first threshold, where do you see the band going?
Well, actually it is not the first it is the second threshold. The second album showed that we are on the right way, that`s why we will be moving in this direction. I see development of the band in the improvement of sound quality, as well as in the development of material and technical base. As for the basis of genre, here will be observed the same tendency of movement in the plane of polystylistics.

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