Did you read the first interview I did with TITANS EVE? If not here’s a new chance to catch up with this Canadian band again. Interview answered by Kyle Gamblin – guitarist. Anders Ekdahl c2012

Would you consider the time that has passed between your previous album and this new one to be have been a successful period of time? What is success to you guys?
-Yes, for us success is reaching new fans and spreading our music on any level. We toured and reached a great amount of people between our first album and now. Seeing people excited about us after a show is success to us.

How much pressure have you felt to come up with an album that surpasses the old one? How hard has it been to come up with something better?
-There was a lot of pressure to one up from our last album. Luckily we knew what we had to do to achieve that, and it came naturally to us.

How do you know that this one is better than the previous one? What sort of criteria do you have for bettering yourself?
-We write music we like first and foremost. We loved what we did for the first album, but as time changes and we progress, we’re very happy with our new album. Better songs, bigger hooks, and better solo’s. Pretty straight forward for us. We believe we achieved that.

I know that you guys tour a lot in North America but how are you going to take that touring to the rest of the world on the back of this new album?
-We’re first going to do a very proper and extensive tour of Canada. After that, we plan to reach Europe somehow. Right now we’re just focusing on delivering a killer tour for Canada.

When you go on tour as often as you seem to do, do you notice an increase in interest for the band or are you still playing to the already converted?
-Every town gets better every time we hit it. We start to recognize faces, whether it’s one person or a group of people, it’s great to see.

Something I often wonder is how you avoid standing still and how you take it one step further?
-Standing still is not what we do. Like any job or profession, we know what to improve on, whether it’s song writing or our live show. We’re very serious about what we do so improvement is part of our band ethic.

You previous album had a pretty ambitious concept behind it. Is there something similar going on with this new album?
-Yes, the new album is loosely based on a complete ‘Life Apocalypse’. Where everything has fallen apart and you’re life’s hanging on a thread, and having the strength to get out of it.

How do you write lyrics that are interesting both to you as a band and to an audience?
-We write lyrics that strongly register with us emotionally. On this album we touched on themes about complete hopelessness and death. Also we wrote about surviving inner disaster. People can identify with that.

Is it easy being a band that is as hard working as your and still survive as human beings? How far can you take it before the band becomes a burden on your everyday life and you have to make a choice?
-It’s not easy for any band these days to achieve even a small amount of success. It does take its toll on a person, but the alternative of not playing is something we couldn’t do. We’ll always be pushing forward as a band. Any way we can.

What do you expect to get out of it all this time round?
-We expect to reach and connect with more people. That’s ultimately our goal. The more people that we connect with, the more successful we will be. We’re the strongest we’ve ever been and we are excited to see what people think about ‘Life Apocalypse’

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