TODAY FOREVER was a nice surprise. So much so that I felt a need to know more about them and their hardcore. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Is Today Forever metalcore? How would you like to describe the music of Today Forever?
-We wouldn’t label our music Metalcore. We simply call it Hardcore and are well aware of the fact this is no precise characterization anymore. Here’s our description: Short songs, lots of rythm changes, screaming vovals, rare repetitions, occasional melodies, hard to dance to.

How do you avoid being lumped in with a certain kind of bands? Is that really up to you to decide?
-Unfortunately not. People associate our music with bands we never listened to. Since there are so many bands around today people seemingly need some kind of orientation, this is why they try to put labels on the music. I don’t like that. I listen to all music that inspires me no matter what people say about the genre it belongs to.

When naming your band do you think extra hard to come up with a good explanation or do you just settle on a combination of words that sounds good?
-Great question! I have to admit it could have been just the word combination thing by the first look. Actually we had something in mind. The meaning is: Whatever you do here and now could have some kind of eternal value. It’s a call to live alert and aware.

When you are relatively new to the fans how do you gain their interest? And how do you keep it?
-We acquire most of our fans at live shows. People who see us play are mostly impressed. So we try to play live as much as possible. We also made some video clips for the last records and will try to do so with the recent one. There are some struggles we have to overcome right now, since we separated us from our drummer.

In an ever decreasing sales market how do you go about finding an audience for your music? What kind of ways is there to build a fan base on?
– I understand where your question is coming from. We are not the band to ask about marketing strategies actually. We play our music as good as possible and promote our shows and records as good as possible with the help of the common networking platforms and some help of our labels and
friends. It’s very simple and it works to our satisfaction. No further strategies.

In a market that increasingly heads towards downloading how important is the art work/booklet layout?
-We are all thirty-somthings and grew up appreciating the cover artwork of records. We still like that and this is why we decided to have a pretty substantial one on the recent record. Probably it doesn’t
mean a lot to the young generation. Some kids dig it though.

What kind of record market are we heading towards when people are more interested in downloading specific songs instead of full albums?
-If you can’t grab the bull by the horns – grab him by the balls. That means: If record sales are not the measuring stick for modern peoples music appreciation anymore give them something else they can spent their money on. And that is: The unforgettable and unique experience of a live show. Here we go.

How important are the lyrics to you? Do you have anything specific to say with the lyrics?
-Very important. But the lyrics I write don’t hold a specific message that limits them to one single way of right understanding. I think the real message is inbetween the lines, something you’d need to fill in for yourself. That’s what art should be able to do.

How do you know when you written a great song? Do you decide that democratically or is there somebody that has veto?
-We know that the song is great when we get goose bumps rehearsing it. Or at least that’s what I would say. When I’m anxious to play a song, that is a good sign. Mostly all of us feel something that we like to call “esprit” then. Very hard to specify.
What plans do you have for Today Forever?
We are looking for a new drummer right now. We will play as much live shows as possible to promote the new album. We can’t wait to get the songs out there.

Thank you for your interest and effort.

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