This was a new acquaintance. Before I got sent the latest TODTGELICHTER I aware of them. Having started out as a black metal band they’ve transcended that tag by miles now. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

When did you start to feel that black metal was a too tight costume for the band musically?
Tobias: This development in my eyes already started with “Angst” which can hardly be classified as pure black metal album in our eyes. Then when writing the new material it just lead us further and further to what the band is like today. It just came quite naturally.

When you leave a past behind and move on how much of a scary feeling that you have undone everything you’ve created previously is there?
Tobias: No fear at all. The albums before were recorded. Everyone who likes them can still buy and listen to them. If you love what the band did and don’t like the new sound: stick to the old stuff. If you like what we do now and dislike the old stuff: welcome! Here we are in 2013. If you love the old and the new stuff: even better! You’re a really cool Todtgelichter fan! Haha…

How much of the change in direction was a natural change and how much was planned one? Because reading about you guys it seems that you’ve made a 180 degree turn.
Tobias: 100% natural and so 100% planned as well. We want to be true. True to ourselves and to noone else. We plan now and in future times to always do the music that suits us best and that is to every given time the music we feel the most. But none of this was “planned” in sense of commercial or calculated issues.

When you change direction like you have done has there been a particular band that has inspired your move in sound? A particular event or something other significant?
Tobias: Our sound is defined by the influences that each and every one of us caries into the band. It’s a real melting pot. The list of bands is too long to mention. Let me just say the influences reach from metal to electronic music, from progressive to straight, from classic music to jazz and back. Our own experiences in every day life and the music scene then add a big part as well. All together is needed to brew the typical Todtgelichter sound. And beer of course. Beer is always underrated and so is whiskey, haha…

How would you like to describe the sound of TODTGELICHTER in 2013?
Tobias: Pure, direct, organic, warm and alive.

If you were to put this new album to the test what other bands and albums would it fit in with?
Tobias: Definitely a wide spectrum. Thinking big I’d like to point out Paradise Lost, Opeth, Katatonia and even the Deftones or Foo Fighters. It reaches from metal to progressive rock and even an acoustic-live session would not be impossible with our material. The list of bands mentioned when people in reviews try to classify our music suprises us the most each time again…

What does it give to the band to write lyrics in German? How much easier is it to express yourself in your own language?
Tobias: I personally just write English lyrics because I find that much easier. I love the possibility that is offered by the language and actually there’s just one song on “Apnoe” left in German. That’s one of the 3 texts written by Tentakel P. Generally we decide which sound and contend fits best for each single song. So we can’t say that there’s a general advantage for one language or another.

When you write lyrics in German how much do you have to explain your political views to foreign reporters? How political should metal be?
Tobias: As there actually aren’t that many German lyrics nowadays there is not that much to explain. What kind of political views are you aiming at? In the end everything you do is political. Even if you say you are “not political at all” that could easily be viewed as political statement. Metal should not be anything else but metal in the end. But if you are violating applicable law with what you do, write and proclaim you surely will have to justify that for in music as in society. And that’s how it should be, isn’t it?

Looking at the cover art work and your new promo shots there is a lot of white going on. How much of a conscious decision was it to move away from dark colors?
Tobias: The band uses the white colors since “Angst”. It just represents a certain freedom of thought. We don’t like to be limited. Not musicwise, not when it comes to artwork. Corpsepaint and the blackest black would not fit any longer anyways. So this decision just supports the overall development in my eyes.

Where do you see the band going after this?
Tobias: We will see. We’re right now planning some live performances for later this year and will keep you updated on this. Besides we are in a real creative mood and already write songs for the next album. I see the band in a constant flux and it’s hardly possible to predict where it will lead us. But that’s a totally positive feeling for me.

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