There are so many bands out there to keep track of. I try to do my best and present as many as I can to you guys. Here’s another one in the form of TOMB MOLD. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

How hard was it to come up with a band name and how does the name fit the music?
-The name Tomb Mold is actually a reference to the video game “Bloodborne”, but we felt the images the name evoked appropriately fit the sort of the music we write.

As I am new to your band perhaps a short introduction might be in order?
-Tomb Mold consists of 2 members, Derrick Vella on guitars/bass and Max Klebanoff on drums/vocals.

As I am no musician I have no idea how it works, but how do you make your own music based on what influences you? What parts do you pick?
-When we first formed Tomb Mold, we used Finnish Death Metal from the 90s as the blueprint to get our band started. We aimed for a cavernous, pummeling sound that also felt dreadful. We didn’t try to write riffs that would mirror specific songs by specific bands but rather we used the feel and atmosphere of those records to get us going. Now at this stage in the band, we just write how we please, but it helped at the beginning to have a clear influence in mind to get us comfortable.

When you are in a band does it feel like you are a part of a worldwide movement?
-We don’t think it does for us. At this stage, we’ve released 2 tapes and have an LP on the way and yet we have never played a show. We’ve been fortunate enough to connect with people who are enthusiastic about the music we make via correspondence but at this point, the band itself is too insular to feel any real connection to much else.

How important is it that you look the part in promo shots and stuff? How important is the graphic side of the band?
-There are currently no promo shots of Tomb Mold, we think if too much attention is focused on how band members look and how well they fit into the mold of “death metal band member”, it takes away time that could be focused on writing better music. They should take the time they used posing at a cemetery and put it back into writing new material instead, and make a better record for their fans to hear. Too much focus is put on the surface aesthetic of a band rather than the quality of the music.

What would you say influences your lyrics? How important are they?
-We’re very influenced by literature and some poetry, especially writers like Laird Barron, Lovecraft, Rilke and some other sci-fi authors as well. We usually use material from those authors as starting point thematically, and just build our concepts from there. Some of our lyrics carry socio-political themes as well, but they’re not very overt and are normally buried beneath other symbols.

Is the album as relevant today as it was in the 70s and 80s? Is digital killing the album?
-You could definitely make a case for digital releases killing the physical album, but we live in a time where your band can reach people across the world through websites and services like Bandcamp or Soundcloud. The exposure can be good for bands, but since it’s so easy to consume so much through the internet, I’m not sure how much value is attributed to it. It’s very easy to check out 30 death metal records in a day online on a laptop with bad speakers, however most of them will be lost in an over-sutured blur of releases.
Where will the future of format end – digital verses physical verses whatever?
-I think vinyl will stick around, the CD seems to be dying out more than ever, but we think they will always be around for archival purposes.

How much of a touring entity are you guys? What is a live experience with you like?
-As stated above we don’t currently play live. However, we will soon enough once we’ve finalized our live line-up, but it will only happen once we find the right people who really get the “vibe” of the band.

What lies in the future?
-We have an LP coming out on Blood Harvest, which we’re very excited about. We’ve really enjoyed working with Rodrigo at BH, and we’re very grateful that he reached out to us. After that, play some shows with a full lineup, and write another LP!

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