With my fondness for band names in Latin I just knew that I had to interview TRISTIS TERMINUS. And I did interview them and below you can read the responses to those questions. Enjoy… or wallow in the depths of darkness. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

-Tristis Terminus is a horde that emerged in Barbacena’s mountainous wintry winds in the year 2006. It’s a howl of pain, an emotional outburst amidst the torment and the aggregate of dust that we are in this valley of tears. We’ve got so far two released pieces of work. A full-lenght entitled Distressing (2009), that will soon be relaunched, and a split with the horde Opus Fúnebre that just came out and can be purchased

-My personal experiences and own reflections upon them. The world is not the make-believe of happy stories.

-We live in a small town, without job opportunities. Therefore money, available places for the band to rehearsal and getting new equipment are always a problem. For this very reason, everything happens much slower than I’d like it to. It’s also unusual to find people who are truly involved – ideologically and philosophically – with our context and ideals.

-Nowadays CDs of all kinds are barely sold, especially ours. I find it preferable to disclose only a few tracks – I believe that by doing so the truly interested ones might view in them a gateway to do their own research on the band. I grew up doing that and honestly think of it as a way to keep the underground scene healthier and less of a commonplace. I value essence, not numbers.

-I think of it as something interesting when one or two songs are disclosed for the general public, but not that interesting when all of its content gets fully disclosed. I personally believe the surprise behind the material is the main key to incite those who appreciate the art and support it. But this is merely my opinion.

– Letters, invitations to concerts, exchange of materials, interviews, participation in radio broadcasts. The response has been positive, our fans aren’t numerous in quantity, but they’re certainly very warm.

– Being in touch with the bands that inspired me from England, Germany and the Netherlands. Your invitation to this interview also flatters me and surprises me positively.

– Yes, I feel part of something bigger which is the underground. A lifestyle and ideologies that I’m certain other people, somewhere around the globe, perceive it the same way I do, in a sense. An alternative to this chaotic and hypocritical society.

– It’s unique. It’s rewarding being able to gather with other individuals who share the same opinions and expose my art and ideas sometimes and also being able to live the underground obscurity at its core and support our humble dark fraternity.

– Writing more songs and releasing another album, playing in distant, farther places and getting our music to be known in Europe and the rest of Latin America. Also developing a fanzine and always keeping the flame alive. Thank you for the interest and the opportunity. Hail!

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