There are bands that never will leave your consciousness. Like TYGERS OF PAN TANG. A band that are part of metal history forever. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

Let us start with the new album. Will I recognize TYGERS OF PAN TANG if my last record with you guys was “The Cage”? How does this new album compare to the 2012 “Ambush” album?
-This new album IS Tygers of Pan Tang! The Cage was heading towards a slightly softer sound, ordered by MCA, the record company at the time. The new album has our trade mark hard rock edge with, I think our best written songs to-date. All I can say is go out and buy it, I promise you woun’t be dissapointed.

You have released albums steadily since 2001 but this new one is being seen as some sort of comeback. Why is that?
-Not sure about a ‘Comeback,’ but it is the first album with Micky Crystal our new ‘Hot-shot’ guitar player! Micky can do all the John Sykes thing and then some…Mick has also written material for the album and I feel the band is really ‘firing on all six,’ at the moment.

You got signed to MCA for your first album. Did you think that because you got signed to a major label that your fortune was made?
-We certainly hoped it would help! But of course money does not make people like your music. It has to be good as well. Wildcat was an iconic first album and ‘Spellbound,’ an amazing follow up. Each time we release an album we try to raise the bar. up our game to really rock people’s imagination. With the new album we have really delivered…

Today we see a lot of the bands from the early 80s getting back together and releasing albums. We also see new young bands that are clearly influenced by NWOBHM. How does that make you feel that there are bands still carrying that torch that you lit? Does it also keep you on your toes?
-Yes very much so, I kind of view it as we are the parents of the NWOBHM movement and we still have to show the ‘kids’ how it is done! (Well try too!) There are some fantastic new bands our there and for them to continue we all have to get out there and support live music venues, (Go to the shows), and buy the albums, (CD’S).

Back when you guys started the competition wasn’t as brutal as it is today. How much can you live on your history today and how much do you have to build from scratch?
-We never live on past, it’s all about now and keeping it fresh, hard and heavy! At the end of every show we want everyone to walk away saying they can’t wait till we come back. That’s the way you measure live success. And I think we have captured peoples attention with the new album as it entered the British charts at 24 and the Danish charts at 13, Oh and the AOR rock charts at number 1!

When you play live how do you pick the song list? You’ve released some classic albums but you also got new songs that you want to play.
-It’s always a struggle to pick a set list, there are so many songs we could play BUT we have to make way for new material. I tend to sort out the order of songs and if anyone else has any strong ideas we compromise!

Back in the 80s home taping was the big threat to album sales. But that is nothing compared to illegal downloading. How do you deter people from illegally sharing your music? Can it be done?
-It’s killed the music business and the film industry! I don’t think much can be done with regard of download torent sites. Our record company can take them down full uploads of our new album from Youtube as this does not help us at all. For me, if you like an artist why would you just want to download some invisable music? Surely you would want to buy the phyisical CD with all the fantastic artwork in the CD booklet? And of course our album is also out in LP, (Long playing) format as well.

I get the impression that today being signed to an independent label isn’t necessary a bad thing. What made you go with Danish Mighty?
-They are the very best at what they do! I truly believe that, even better than the ‘Non independant’ labels as you get that family feeling you are being looked after. We have had more invested in us on advertizing than back in the day! And with a CEO that is welcomed into the Tygers family as ‘Cousin’ Michael all is good!!

Now that you are signed to a Danish label will we be seeing you live in Scandinavia? What touring plans do you have for this new album?
-Next year has gone mad touring wise. I think we are out playing every month! We are playing the Nordic Noise Festival in Denmark and plans are being discussed for more Scandinavian shows as I write.

What Lies in the future?
-More hard rock’n’roll….!

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