U.N.S.I.N. from Greece is one of these new cool bands that seem to emerge from under any given stone. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

When you pick a name for your band that has such a specific meaning what idea was there behind that decision?
-One of the hardest tasks, at the beginning of every and any band, is to find a name. One that will signify something from each band members’ character and how it all blends in one band: U.N.S.I.N. We wanted a name that was one word, short, simple and easy to remember. At first it was “Unsin”, but its definition didn’t settle with us so it was changed to be written as an acronym. U.N.S.I.N stands for United Nation Substance Identification Number; a four digit code system which identifies hazardous substances.

What kind of musical boundaries have you set out to explore? What have your exploration lead to?
-We each have different musical backgrounds and influences. Now with the newest members of U.N.S.I.N, Marios Adrioli (drummer) and Chrisanthi (lead singer), they bring their musical flavor in as well. This way we learn more about each other through music. Songs that were written in the past may lead to the opposite direction of what it was first thought out to be because of these diverse influences. It’s an incredible process to be a part of. So far our “explorations” have led to Nu Metal. Where it may lead later, we don’t know. But we aren’t afraid to take it a step further…

When you decided to name your EP “0154” what was it that you wanted to say with it?
-Well let’s start off by saying, for those who don’t know, that 0154, in the U.N.S.I.N code refers to a Picric acid also known as TNR and is similar to that of TNT. It’s highly explosive and, well, keeping that in mind that’s what we set out to exhibit with the EP. Dynamic, explosive rhythm section with driving, aggressive guitars and melodic yet harsh vocal lines. The song “Acid” really helped in gluing the pieces together. In general, the name of the band, the title of the album and the first single mixed well to form a theme. It was a success because when you connect the dots and see the greater picture it all makes sense. The 4 songs relate to the 4 digit code. Put them all together and…BOOM!

I guess that being from Greece brings with it certain expectation on the sound of your music. What has the responses been so far that you are not the typical Greek extreme metal band that the world is used to?
-When writing songs, rehearsing them and recording them we do not have in mind that we are Greek. We are musicians and music is universal. We relate to all people globally in all its glory and all its shame…In the upcoming album, the lyrics tap into personal relations and social. Getting the best possible result is important to us. So far we’ve had great feedback and we are ready to turn it up a notch.

When you try to transcend genre boundaries how conscious are you of these when you write the music? What will work and what won’t work?
-All of us write music. What works, is what expresses us clearly and what doesn’t…we work on it. We leave nothing aside just because it “doesn’t work”. In the composing process if something doesn’t click we’ll talk about it and see every angle and every possible solution to fix what could be wrong. We aren’t in the mind set of “If it works, it works and if it doesn’t, bye-bye”.

When you do a video today what kind of intentions are the behind such a decision? How do you go about doing it so that it looks the best it could?
It’s a lot harder than “Lights! Camera! Action!”. There’s the director, the funding, the approval to use the on-location set, camera’s, lights, make-up, wardrobe, clothes stylist, hairstylist, gathering man power, fixing the set, changing set, timing and scheduling….the list goes on and on! Everything from pre-production to post production with ALL the hours spent is just exhausting. But at the end of the day the satisfaction and memories remain.

When you look for a label to collaborate with what is the most important factor for you to work with them?
-Being on the look-out for labels, we want a good distribution for our album, financial support for touring and video clip. Also, have a good publicist for PR purpose and such.

How hard is it today to do things on your own? If you invest time and money in releasing a record on your own do you get back that which you invested?
-Recording an album, alone, is really difficult. Chances are, when you are a self-financed group, that you will not get back the money that was invested. The rise of a band doesn’t only require an album. It requires rehearsal, live concerts, merchandise…As far as time, you can never get back but why would you if the outcome is so rewarding? When you have a label to back you up and publicity then yes you have a chance to get back what you once invested. After our release of our full length album we will be able to answer this clearer.

What has been the greatest reward so far being a member of U.N.S.I.N.?
-We all communicate real well and so even more so through the music. When our new material is heard and response so far have been so great and flattering, that is our reward. That means, for us, that the job we set out to do has been done right.

What grand plans for the band does the future hold?
-Right now we are concentrating on the completion of this long awaited album. Our one year absence and the line-up changes have brought us back but we are hanging in there ready to make our mark again. We’re planning to play at some festivals this summer, here in Greece. This will be a very productive and full summer for U.N.S.I.N.

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