South America, Poland, Sweden. There are so many great metal scenes that it is hard to keep up with them all. So check out this ULCER interview answered by D.ssipline (vocals). Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Is there a Polish death metal sound? What is it?
-I said it in recent interview and I have to repeat myself – I don’t think there is such thing as Polish death metal sound. Polish bands are just a mix of foreign ideas in my opinion. Not that it’s something bad, we sound very Swedish after all.

How hard is it to come up with a band name that doesn’t look and sound to silly?
-I don’t really care if it sounds silly to someone unless it doesn’t sound like this to me, so I see no problem there.

What kind of competition is there between the Polish metal bands? Do everybody get along and cooperate?
-It depends. there are some really good guys, as well as bunch of competing idiots, probably thinking making music is some kind of contest… and those I try to avoid.

When you have a record to promote what kind of feelings does that bring with it? Are you proud of what you’ve accomplished?
-There is always a feeling that something could’ve been done better, nothing is perfect after all, but I’m very proud of most of my official releases.

What kind of response does extreme metal get in Poland? Do you get a lot of media attention? Are people proud of the Polish metal scene?
-Most people say it’s very bad, but I don’t think they’re right. Averagely interesting gig with mediocre lineup in my town gets around 150 people and better ones can get around 300, so there’s nothing to complain about. media are something different, they are mostly focused on Nergal etc., but it’s ok, I don’t seek any undesireable attention.

How important are the lyrics to you guys? How much time do you spend on them to get every little word right?
-They are second to the music. Ulcer isn’t the most ambitious band when it comes to the lyrics, but they have to be about SOMETHING, that’s for sure. I find no pleasure in writing just for the sake of writing. Some lyrics are developed very quickly, the others in days/weeks, there’s no rule.

How much time do you spend on finding an album title and the art work to go with it? What kind of process do you go through in choosing title and art work?
-Hard to tell. Again – there’s no rule. such ideas usually appear out of nowhere and can be inspired by almost everything.

We on the outside often hear about how powerful the Catholic Church is in Poland. What kind of impact does the church have on extreme metal?
-I have to say it’s bullshit. As I said, both media and church are focused msotly on huge, mainstream names and they don’t even know about the existence of shitload of bands playing hundreds of gigs each year. The church itself has its impact on the lyrical content of some bands, but fortunately not on Ulcer. We’re too old and smart to sing and whine about how we are oppressed and sad because we don’t agree with our country’s formal religion.

Does the power of the church add extra inspiration to the song writing? What in general inspires you?
– I answered part of this question above, so let’s focus on it’s second part. To put it as simple as possible – life inspires me. Dreams, visions, experiences, my personal passions and fascinations etc.

What plans do you have for the future?
-Nothing spectacular for now I guess. We’re planning a minitour here in Poland and probably some single gigs here and there.

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