ULTIMATE FATE, despite being Swedish are new to me. That fact alone made me want to know more. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

How come I as a Swede haven’t heard too much about you before discovering you on an Aussie label? Is it me not paying close attention?
-It’s a good question! Well, we have been taking time to actually do something real with this band, it started more or less just for fun, between friends. The last somewhat two year we have been working harder. Recently we had some line up struggles, and during that time things have been going a bit slow with live shows and the promotion. Still, we have been working on the album, and when we are prepared to release it, there will be a tour and lots more attention regarding the release! So by then we hope to reach out to more fans both in Sweden and rest of the world! And we also have a full and strong line up now!

When you come from Gothenburg and play metal does that bring any pressure to it? Do you feel that you carry on a great legacy?
-Of course! The Gothenburg scene is very creative and lots of new and not that famous bands that are really good and have very high standard, so that’s our competition to start with, but it just pushes you more to be better and of course it’s amazing to be part of a music town/community that is so creative and vivid.

Why is it that most metal bands with a female vocalist end up sounding gothic? Are there no women that are good at plain old heavy metal?
-Well, I think there are lots of bands that have strong rock/metal voices as well, like Lzzy Hale from Halestorm, Liv in Sister Sin and the girl in Battle Beast for example. We are inspired by traditional metal as well, but I guess it depends on the voice and how it sounds with the music. If the singer don’t naturally have that kind of voice, it would be weird to push for that. Maybe it’s more natural for a male voice to do that kind of genre, why don’t more male do goth-songs? It’s not something that is decided – “ oh let’s have a goth band!” at least not for us. The band has been something that has evolved. Hm not sure we are goth, really? The new album however will be more dark, heavy and symphonic. Well, I guess it’s about creating the sound and music that works best in Ultimate Fate and that’s really all there is to it.

How do you carve yourself a niche in that which is heavy metal? How do you set yourself apart?
-We don’t ! We just do our music. We are thankful that all of us have so many different inspirations and ways to create when it comes to music, and then we just try to merge it in the best way.

What are the most successful ways today to get noticed? There seem to be a very fierce competition for the interest of metal fans?
-Of course there is, and it’s quite important to not fall off the map either, all though it’s hard to stay active and have a interest around you – all the time. If you figure out the best way to get noticed, please let us know !

What is it that sets Ultimate Fate apart from the rest? How sharp are your elbows?
-The way we pay close work to the guitar riffs, our melodic sound is very important to us. We will pay even more focus to epic piano and symphonic elements on the coming album, and of course Jennies voice, which is clean and stands out from lots of the similar vocalists in the genre.

How much work is it to make your band being noticed? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to get the band noticed?
-Seriously, if people knew the time, effort and money we struggling musicians put into all of the things evolving around the band. It’s ridiculous! Sometimes I wonder how we do it! But I guess if there is genuine passion and love for the music, then you carry on doing it, no matter what, because there is nothing else that would do.

There used to be a time when guitar solos in metal was an abomination. What is it that a guitar solo brings to the song?
-Ultimate Fate’s ideas around guitar solos, we always try to do melodies and guitars that suite the purpose of the song. So if it doesn’t contribute to the song, then we don’t do it. It needs to be there for a reason.

I often wonder why a band release an EP instead of a full album? What is it that an EP can get you?
-Well, I think it’s better to have 3 songs out, than none! It’s hard to get response and see what people and labels think about your music without putting out some songs. And it’s not really possible to produce a good quality album – the first thing a band does. You can’t afford it. So the EP can get us; promotion, fans, reviews, opinions and the interest from different labels!

What kind of future do you see for Ultimate Fate?
-We will keep on doing our music and spread the word! We want to create heavy and beautiful music, and get the chance to meet all of our old and new fans live! Stay metal and embrace fate!

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