I love Viking/pagan/heathen/folk metal. ULVEDHARR were interesting enough to interview. Ark nattlig Ulv, vocals and Rhytm guitar from Ulvedharr answerered my questions. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Let’s start with your name. What language is that and what does it mean?
(Ark)-Ulvedharr, litteraly means “wolf skin”, is derived from Scandinavian languages, mine Nordic translation from German “Ulfhednar”, our version are a personal interpretation. There was a legendary Nordic warriors dressed with Wolf skins, and so renowned as a pitless and assassin warriors, they killing without mercy and raided everyones.

What new things do you bring to the genre of metal that you play?
-Substantially nothing. We play a mix from various genre, from 80’s thrash and scandivavik detah metal from 90’s, (like Entombed, Grave, Dismember) and some inspiration by Immortal. Maybe the winning mix from all this music are our strength. We want to see everyone come at our gigs move itself involved on the show, like best metal tradition.

How tough is it to come up with a concept for a band that hasn’t already been done? If you were to list your main competitors who would they be?
-On mainstream I think the only similar kind of music like ours are Unleashed and King of Asgard, we differ from they both on epic parts on songs (Unleashed only on lasts albums). Our kind of epic part are composed like Immortal arrangement, I think, but I don’t want to result some vain, we’re just us play Viking Death metal like this. Or I don’t know others similar band.

In this day and age of digital downloading how important is the way a band presents itself I.E. photos, art work etc. when nobody seem to care about that anymore?
-Internet is a great stuff for present at the music world your band, can raise awareness at everyone your music, push up on the charts, and destroy your band on two second. But I’m not worried about this, I think the true fans come at our gigs, and fortunately they appreciate yet to buy cd’s for support our band. Maybe we can never be on top of charts, but don’t interest me, our objective are entering on people’s minds, fro enjoy good death metal music.

What lyrical concept do you work with? How important are the lyrics to you guys?
-I (Ark) write all lyrics based on Vikings story and myths, all songs are not connected on one concept or one only tale, are various. Lyrics it’s very important on music, its true than big parts of listener don’t read lyrics, but lyrics the personal body of song, and the music are soul. Instrumental songs are created for express soul feelings and don’t need lyrics I know, but each have his its way.

Based on the lyrical concept how do you find inspiration to write the lyrics? Are they based on your everyday life and then put into context of the concept or what?
-Read point 6 and you can understand than best part of our lyrics concepts come from books like the Edda or Völuspà and historical or mythological Nordic tales. Only This.

What kind of reactions have you had so far to your latest recorded work?
-We’ve received a lot of compliments about that, and we’re very happy for this. Lot of peoples have commented it “It’s like a bomb, and explode every time I put it on stereo”. That’s good.

What do you expect this new album to do for the band? What are your expectations?
-We hope only to play everywhere around the world our music. I don’t think we will become a “stars” or receive a billionaries contract proposals, we want to make noise and party with peoples. What we will become on future for our new album will be the world to decide, we want beers and good fan for having a good time.

What would you like to see happening in the future?
-Playing at Wacken Open Air? Lot of girls show boobs at our gigs? Ragnarøk and Fimbulvinter coming? No, I want only to continue to having fun to play our music, for the rest only the Nornes know what happening in Ulvedharr destiny on future, or if you have some billion euros that you can’t resist to donate at us, are friendly accepted! Thank you and Stay Viking. Cheers and skål!

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