UMBRA SUMMI NOBIS might be totally unknown to most of you guys out there but trust me when I say that we are going to hear from them very soon as they seem to be going places and going fast. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Is Caracas, Venezuela a great place to be a metal band? I can’t seem to remember too many Venezuelan metal bands.
-In Venezuela there is an interesting movement of rock and metal bands, however being a tropical country, the dominant rhythms in the media are tropical music and pop. but the metal escene is growing up, there are bands like Cultura Tres, Nota Profana (With Gaby Koss Ex- Haggard as a Singer) Scythe whom drummer Ibrahim Chacin was touring in Europe as drummer of Haggard, and a lot of bands doing it hard to spread his music over the world

How did Umbra Summi Nobis come to be a band? What was it that made you come together as a band in the first place?
-Friendship and love for music made us a band, Alejandro (Bass) and Endrina (composer and guitar) know each other since high school, since then they are together making music, and through the years and other bands, We all finally joined Umbra, having a good time making music and sharing with friends.

How hard is it to find the right people to work with in Venezuela? Is the scene close-knitted in order for everybody to help each other out with things that need doing?
-As mentioned before, we are a tropical country and this leaves us with almost 0% chance in the mass media, which is why the scene is handled as underground, although there are plenty of bands, blogs, websites, online radio stations, and spaces that we enable ourselves to do concerts. This makes us also find a lot of irresponsible people with whom you cannot work, but usually we try to help each other.

What kind of forums are there for you to play live in and around Caracas? Is it possible to set up a national tour with the right financial backing?
-In Caracas there are few places to play if you belong to a metal band. Let’s say that there are about 3 or 4 pubs to play live sometimes. the towns around Caracas have fewer Pubs, but lately here and the other cities have been assigned spaces in plazas, theaters, and places open to Metal concerts, all funded by the same bands. The lack of promoters and venues to play, avoid us from doing a national tour because that is not profitable for the bands. The common thing is that the bands have to cover all expenses (transport, lodging, food, sound, backline) sometimes (most of the times) even bands have to pay a fee to play in any events, but we are all working to improve these conditions.

I have a fascination with band names but yours I find hard to place. Is it Latin and what does the band name mean?
-Umbra Summi Nobis is in Latin and it means “We are the shadow”, first it was only Umbra, but, a lot of bands and companies had that name, so we decided to add it a last name and we ended with Umbra Summi Nobis.

You label your music as metal/alternative. What is the alternative side of the music?
-We have many influences from different types of music and not everything is metal or rock, so we decided not to label our music in a very rigid style because we want to be free to experiment and capture the influence of all, even our Latin roots.

Do you have a concept behind the band that you actively live by, costumes, backdrops etc.?
-Yes, we have a concept and everything is connected. With our music we try to highlight the importance of caring for our environment and live in harmony with Mother Earth and with our historical practices, we do this through our songs, which tell stories, legends, who once captured the identity of our peoples; in our live concerts we support this with our costumes and scenery, backdrops, etc

You have a four song EP out now. What kind of responses/reactions have you had to it?
-We did average 300 copies of the EP, also can be downloaded from our website,, or public profiles as Jamendo or even from Facebook. Social networks have been very important for us in this process of spread the word, and thanks to the universe, the reception has been great. A few weeks after hanging up the Ep were checking on the Internet and over 400 downloads just in our page, on Jamendo also had considerable popularity, in fact we have found videos made by fans with some of our songs in Paris and Germany, being our first job is not bad!

I guess you face the same problem as any other band, that of illegal downloading killing the CD. What are your feelings on the topic of downloading V/S CD?
-We do not support the illegal download or piracy of any kind, but we believe in giving for free our songs for download make illegal downloads useless. We want our music to reach as many people as possible, so we can spread our message on a larger scale, is the era of the internet and is a very powerful media to be seized, we put our music on the net, for free, because in reality our songs do not belong to us, belong to the person who downloads them, who listens and makes them part of his life. We also have a CD version of the songs and whom usually buy these CDs, is because they already downloaded the songs from internet =) so, this way people can listen to us and go to our concerts because they liked what they heard, this people always buy our stuff when come to see us live.

When you live in South America is that the continent you concentrate your promotion towards or do you have a greater vision in plan for the band?
-By living here, most of the promotion we do for the Latin American public, the metalhead community is really big here, but do not limit ourselves only to our continent, we want to reach all corners of the planet that we can get to tell our stories!
Umbra Summi Nobis – Metal Alternativo
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